The Best of The Best: Maverick's Guide To Success

At 21 years old Maverick Levy recognized that there is a lack of education surrounding life skills that are necessary in adulthood to become successful. Maverick wants to know what The Best of the Best in every industry wish they knew when they were in their 20s, while chronicling his own journey. This podcast discusses a range of topics including how to file your taxes, the importance of saving money, building a multi-million dollar brand on social media and so much more. This is The Best of The Best: Maverick's Guide To Success!


episode 19: SEASON 2, EP 19: Lawrence Levy Part 3 (CEO/President Levy & Associates)

This is Episode 71 of The Best of The Best: Maverick's Guide To Success with Maverick Levy and Lawrence Levy (CEO/President Levy & Associates) & they're here to discuss: The Government hiring up to 87,000 IRS Agents & what it means for average Americans, tax resolution firms & the importance of seeking professional help, cost of operations & preparations, finding an accountant that has an understanding of your profession, PPP Money, bookkeeping in business, those affected by Hurricane Ian, ERC, solutions for the IRS being possible, how proud he is of Maverick & more. This episode is not to be missed! 

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 2022-10-05  46m