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UCLA is cool why? MomFair recap. And why you need to get ready for 2017 NOW!

They were all there. The College students jogging in the rain (aka Our future bosses). And the women who were old enough to be their mothers. Well, most of us. Let's be honest. But it was a convention with Mom in mind. We have kids, and we were given the "OK" to focus on ourselves for one. whole. day. Novel concept. In this episode: Learn about UCLA like you never knew. Plus, what MomFair really means to you. Why you should follow #momfair for other local events & how to get yourself ready to come and kick-ass here with us in 2017. It's Kristin & Laura, parenting along the coast, traveling to the best hot spots, & bringing that info (plus a few girlfriends) back here to you. Kristin's BEST OF Podcast Picks for you to check out is on my blog At Home. Come check me out there! Thanks for joining Best of LA here on MomAngeles RADIO!


 2016-02-02  33m