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Check Your Defaults!

"Mirror, Mirror: Who Am I?" (Click the link to download the eBook). Your behavior may be the reason why your life has stalled Marriage gon’ dryJob turned into a dead endPassion, zest and zeal is nonexistent? It may also be why you’ve been able to get ahead; Constant promotionsBank account steadily growing…BUT people don’t really like you-they tolerate you, may even fear you (which you feed off of)You’re way too aggressive, pushy and you secretly kinda “don’t like yourself?” Most bullies don’t… “CHECK YOUR DEFAULTS!”  Victim mentality & bully behaviors; fear, dishonesty, pity, anger, resentment, passive/aggressive, panicky, loud, pushy…It’s what you use when you’re passed for the promotion, when someone steals your parking space or speaks over you in a meeting; THAT feeling, THAT emotion that comes over you in those moments are your defaults. Check them! Victim=Things happen “to me.” I don’t have “ANY OTHER CHOICE.”Bully=I have to win and “You have to lose in order to justify my win!”Equalizer=I don’t have to accept that things just happen nor do I have to see you fail to validate my win. There has to be a rational way to balance the situation, “ANY SITUATION!


 2015-09-02  31m