Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

We created this podcast in recognition that there are a number of podcasts for the American “left,” but many of them focus heavily on the organizing of social democrats, progressives, and liberal democrats. Aside from that, on the left we are always fighting a war of ideas and if we do not continue to build platforms to share those ideas and the stories of their implementation from a leftist perspective, they will continue to be ignored, misrepresented, and dismissed by the capitalist media and as a result by the general public. Our goal is to provide a platform for communists, anti-imperialists, Black Liberation movements, ancoms, left libertarians, LBGTQ activists, feminists, immigration activists, and abolitionists to discuss radical politics, radical organizing and share their visions for a better world. Our goal is to center organizers who represent and work with marginalized communities building survival programs, defense programs, political education, and counterpower. We also plan to bring in perspectives on and from the global south to highlight anti-capitalist struggles outside the imperial core...


episode 170: Laundering Black Rage with Too Black (part 1)

Our guest for the episode is Too Black. Too Black is a poet, member of Black Alliance For Peace, host of The Black Myths Podcast which can be found on Black Power Media, he’s a writer, and he is one of the organizers of the Campaign to Free the Pendleton 2. 

In this conversation we welcome Too Black to discuss his recently published 2 part essay “Laundering Black Rage” (part 1, part 2) which we will link. The essay was published at Black Agenda Report. It’s a provocative analysis of the process through which Black Rage gets laundered towards other ends. The piece looks in particular at this process through the recent example of the 2020 uprisings, but it also looks at other examples.

More than just a guest, Too Black is an interlocutor of ours. We’ve worked together on the Journalism For Liberation & Combat series (audio, video). We’ve had conversations about organizing and about theory that go beyond the bounds of podcast work. Due to length we split the conversation in two parts. Part 1 mostly covers the basic themes of the essay and the structure of the process of “Laundering Black Rage,” part two is a little more conversational, but there are conversational elements in both.

Most importantly we will include a Link Tree for the campaign to Free the Pendleton 2 in the show notes, please check it out, and if nothing else sign the petitions, but I also encourage you to check out some of their media work, and to see if there’s some way you can get involved or support the campaign. Free The Pendleton 2 Campaign Link Tree.

We also encourage you all to check out The Black Myths Podcast, they have some excellent conversations, with many guests you’ll recognize from our platform as well. And support them on patreon as well. Also shout-out to our friends over at Black Power Media who host the Black Myths Podcast videos. Support that work as well.

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Additional notes: In conversation there's a mention of a Kali Akuno video. 


 2022-10-14  1h13m