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Your hosts Matt West 3x All-American and Jackson Meteccichia current Assistant coach at the University of Nevada Reno dissect the sport of volleyball through the life experiences our guests have to share.



episode 38: #39 - Jonathan Winder

Our next guest is current Fresno State Head Women's Volleyball Coach Jonathan Winder. Winder is a 4x All American, AVCA Player of the Year and National Champion. On this episode we discuss Winder's upbringing as a multi-sport athlete, how Balboa Bay was the beginning of a legacy that he would constantly try to uphold. Why he chose to go to Pepperdine and not pursue his love for basketball. His joy for teaching in all walks of life not solely on the court and why that ultimately allowed him to walk away from the game in peace. His evolution as a coach from assistant to head coach and what he feels are essential for both position and much more. We also discuss self-confidence and assurance for a lot of the podcast. Where Winder's derives from and how he's maintained it over his life time. If it's something you struggle with or feel is something you could improve on I urge you to listen to this podcast. Enjoy!

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 June 4, 2021  1h3m