I Think We’re Good Here: Volleyball Podcast

Your hosts Matt West 3x All-American and Jackson Meteccichia current Assistant coach at the University of Nevada Reno dissect the sport of volleyball through the life experiences our guests have to share.



episode 34: #34 - Marv Dunphy: G.O.A.T

The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Marv Dunphy joins us to discuss his journey in volleyball. A Gold Medalist, World Champion, World Cup winner, 4x NCAA Champ. Marv takes us through the ride of lifetime with great stories, a new vantage point, and a great message. If you want to get right to where he starts presenting start in the story skip to minute 28:00. We hope you enjoy there is so much in this podcast: stories about John Wooden, Harlan Cohen, Karch Kiraly, Stork, and many more. 

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 February 8, 2021  2h16m