I Think We’re Good Here: Volleyball Podcast

Your hosts Matt West 3x All-American and Jackson Meteccichia current Assistant coach at the University of Nevada Reno dissect the sport of volleyball through the life experiences our guests have to share.



episode 31: #31 - Lee Nelson: The Greatest Run in Sports History

Todays episode stars current Head Coach at the University of Nevada-Reno, Lee Nelson. Lee takes us through his time as a player at UCSB and the heartbreaking 5 set loss in the National Championship they suffered. The eclectic group of leadership that team had and how he seen those same personalities on other powerhouse teams he has been on staff for. We go into depth about being a part of what Karch Kiraly calls, “the greatest run in sports history”. We discuss how the 2011 UCSB came to fruition and turned the tables to make it into the national championship game after being the #7 seed in the MPSF playoffs. How his time at Miami has shape his ideologies as a coach and now his most recent years as Head Coach at UNR. Check it out!

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 January 9, 2021  57m