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Fierce Peace with Tyger Songbird

Tyger Songbird is one of the most vulnerable, approachable aroace voices on Twitter, so I was very excited to chat with him. Our conversation covers his experiences as a Black aroace man writing to create space for others like him. This is a thoughtful, uplifting conversation. Tyger Songbird is an aroace writer & asexual advocate who's been published in multiple online publications. He’s currently working on a book titled Ace of Spades, about his experiences being an aromantic asexual in the culture. He is also head moderator of an asexual subreddit as well. You can find Tyger on Medium and Twitter @TygerSongbird. You can find me on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and twitter @acedadadvice. And on the web at If you want more of our conversation, as well as some other bonus asexuality content including live hangouts, access to our Discord, and other cool stuff, become a patron at

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 October 28, 2022  30m