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episode 489: MCDM RPG Safety Toolkit, The Gloaming Wild 5e Horror, Level Up 5e Vampires - Lazy D&D Talk Show

Mike talks about all things D&D!

  • 00:00 Show Start
  • 00:51 D&D & RPG News: Free MCDM RPG Safety Toolkit
  • 02:43 Kickstarter Spotlight: The Gloaming Wild 5e Survival Horror
  • 08:06 Commentary: Running Ravenloft 2022 with Level Up 5e Vampires
  • 17:11 Patreon Question: Keeping Big Battles from Being Boring
  • 19:17 Patreon Question: What Other RPGs Do You Recommend?
  • 21:44 Patreon Question: Filling In the Gaps During the Game
  • 24:17 Patreon Question: Faction Ideas from Blades in the Dark
  • 26:51 Patreon Question: Targeting Loot for the Characters
  • 29:23 Patreon Question: Better Level Draining and Exhaustion for Vampires and
  • 32:12 Patreon Question: What to Get for Staring Out with Numenera
  • 32:59 Patreon Question: Comparing Midgard to the Forgotten Realms
  • 37:51 Patreon Question: Including Every Character's Story Arc
  • 40:24 Patreon Question: Showcasing High-Level Abilities
  • 43:01 Patreon Question: Building Open World D&D Games
  • 45:23 Patreon Question: Building Problems Without Solutions
  • 46:58 Patreon Question: How Many Encounters Before a Long Rest?
  • 51:12 Patreon Question: Offering Headquarters and Lair Upgrades to the Characters
  • 53:05 Patreon Question: Secrets in Clues for Dungeon Crawls and Combat-Focused Games
  • MCDM RPG Safety Toolkit
  • TTRPG Safety Toolkit by Kienna Shaw and Lauren Bryant-Monk
  • Monte Cook Games Consent in Gaming
  • Gloaming Wild 5e Survival Horror Kickstarter
  • Running Ravenloft in a Single Session Halloween Game YouTube Video
  • Blog Article on Running Ravenloft / Curse of Strahd in a Single Session:
  • Set Up Castle Ravenloft in Owlbear Rodeo in 10 Minutes
  • The Dials of Monster Difficulty
  • Fate Condensed
  • Thirteenth Age
  • Shadow of the Demon Lord
  • Blades in the Dark
  • Numenera Discovery
  • Types of Secrets
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 2022-10-31  56m