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episode 9: The Rope Artist (’LAODAI’) [CLEAN Version]

Sometimes big themes can be tackled through the guise of performance art. In previous episodes of the Mosaic of China podcast, we have explored how drag performers can teach us to embrace our own weirdness, and how clowns can teach us to embrace our own fallibility. These stories may be specific to China, but they apply to us all.


In today’s very special episode, we explore how the world of Rope Art has made its way from Japan to China. And we discover how this art form can make us think about the themes of communication, connection and consent.


The episode also includes a catch-up interview with:

Yang Yi from Season 01 Episode 21



00:00 - Trailer & Intro 

01:50 - Part 1 

24:57 - Part 2 

33:03 - Outro  

36:39 - Catch-Up Interview 


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 2022-11-08  40m