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episode 182: Hey Lassie, Jon Provost and Timmy Are Stuck In the Well... Again

How many kids become one of the most famous children's stars of all time simply as a result of their Mom really wanting Jane Wyman's autograph? As Timmy, Jon Provost, alongside Lassie is one of the most famous TV duos of all time. 

My guest, Jon Provost and I discuss:

  • Jon's memoir, "Timmy's in the Well: The Jon Provost Story' co-written with his wife Laurie Jacobson
  • A day in the life of a child star of the 50s and 60s
  • Landing the role at 3yo in 'So Big' so his Mom could meet Jane Wyman
  • Landing the role in The Country Girl and becoming an RKO player
  • Landing the role of Timmy on Lassie
  • Transitioning Lassie from Jeff to Timmy 
  • Bonding with Lassie and Lassie's owner/trainer Rudd Weatherwax
  • Chloris Leachman as Timmy's Mom
  • Meeting Bob Hope
  • Some really unfortunate dental procedures
  • Meeting the Lone Ranger
  • Working with Mr. Ed
  • Making the decision after 7 years to leave the show and Timmy behind
  • The New Lassie TV show
  • and a whole lot more!

You're going to love my conversation with Jon Provost

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 2022-11-14  1h1m