The Michigan Constitution Podcast

Tony Snyder is a licensed attorney in the State of Michigan who offers a bi-monthly podcast on the Michigan Constitution. Here you will learn about each Article and its respective Sections, what they mean, and case law that has addressed how those provision are implemented in the day-to-day lives of citizens of Michigan.


episode 41: E-41: Double Jeopardy (Part 2)

Michigan Constitution/Article 1/Section 15: Double jeopardy; bailable offenses; commencement of trial if bail denied; bail hearing; effective date.

In this podcast, we will continue our conversation about Double Jeopardy and how you are protected by the Michigan Constitution. Cases we will discuss will involve:

* What happens when a Prosecutor intentionally throws the case in order to get a mistrial?

* When an Eye Doctor pleads guilty to a misdemeanor, if the Judge doesn’t revoke his medical license, is it Double Jeopardy for the State Licensing Board to take it away from him?

* What is Manifest Necessity? How does it apply against Double Jeopardy?

* Do multiple prison sentences by crimes committed in one transaction, violate Double Jeopardy?

* How does Duel Sovereignty and Double Jeopardy mesh? Or, do they conflict?


 2021-08-15  30m