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episode 495: Level Up 5e Bundle of Holding, Alexandrian on Pointcrawls, One D&D and OGL – Lazy D&D Talk Show

D&D news and commentary by Mike Shea of

  • 00:00 Show Start
  • 00:49 D&D & RPG News: Level Up Advanced 5e on Bundle of Holding
  • 02:13 D&D & RPG News: Justin Alexander on Pointcrawls
  • 03:56 D&D & RPG News: Morrus on One D&D and the Open Gaming License
  • 08:57 D&D & RPG News: Dragon+ Goes Offline
  • 14:04 D&D & RPG News: Is Takhisis Tiamat? Who Gets to Decide?
  • 20:47 Patreon Question: Using Side Initiative
  • 23:02 Patreon Question: Reading an Entire Campaign Adventure
  • 24:37 Patreon Question: Making a Campaign World Feel Alive
  • 26:56 Patreon Question: Curing Lycanthrope with a Wererat PC
  • 29:52 Patreon Question: Focusing Over-Preparing
  • 32:54 Patreon Question: Non-Lethal Attack Options
  • 36:36 Patreon Question: Making NPCs Stand Out in Online Games
  • 38:08 Patreon Question: Player-Driven Character Motivations
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  • Justin Alexander on Pointcrawls Part 1
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  • Morrus on One D&D and the OGL
  • Dragon+ Archive
  • WotC Officially Confirms Takhisis and Tiamat Are The Same


 2022-11-21  44m