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An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China. 一个轻松愉快的英语播客,展示了一群目前正在中国留下印记的人。


episode 11: The Game Designer (Simon CHAPUIS, Ubisoft)

There are some people who view video gaming at best as a time-wasting distraction, and at worst as a vice. But in listening to today's episode with the game designer Simon Chapuis, even detractors will understand the passion, creativity and teamwork that it takes to usher a game from conception to market. Simon's career has taken him from France to Germany, to Spain and finally to China, where he is now a Senior Game Designer at Ubisoft in the city of Chengdu. His story not only illustrates the dynamic and international nature of the gaming industry, but also the complexity and pressure that can accompany this collaborative endeavour. The episode also includes a catch-up interview with: Ajay Jain from Season 02 Episode 21 Chapters 00:00 - Trailer & Intro 01:31 - Part 1 25:51 - Part 2 33:50 - Outro 36:04 - Catch-Up Interview Subscribe to the PREMIUM version, see the visuals, and/or follow the full transcript for this episode at: Join the community: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook WeChat


 2022-11-22  40m