Winning Slowly

There are plenty of podcasts that will tell you how the latest tech gadget or “innovation” will affect the tech landscape tomorrow, but there aren’t that many concerned with the potential impact of that tech in a decade—much less a century. In a culture obsessed with now, how can we make choices with a view for tomorrow, next year, and beyond? 25–35-minute episodes released the first and third Wednesdays of the month.


episode 16: 1.16: Big and Shiny and Amazing

Show NotesIn which we take a megachurch pastor’s resignation as a jumping off point for talking about individualism and community in the church, self-aggrandizement in the name of evangelism and church growth, and the danger of cults of personality, not only but especially in Christian communities.

  • Intro (0:46)
  • Ups and Downs and Foibles (0:46–7:19)
  • Individualism and Community (7:19–14:42)
  • Self-Aggrandizement in the Name of Other Good Things (14:42–24:41)
  • Cults of Personality (24:41–31:32)
  • Conclusion (31:32–32:24)
  • Hilarities (32:24–32:36)
  • “Lighthouse” from Love Alchemy, Life Algorithm EP by The Burgeoning. Used by permission.
  • “Winning Slowly Theme” by Chris Krycho. Still winning. Still slow. Still perfect for the show, am I right?

Things we referenced on the show.

  • Mark Driscoll’s resignation letter
  • Mars Hill Church’s announcement
  • iTunes
  • Ello
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

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 November 4, 2014  32m