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Girl in Charge Radio is hosted by Joelle Suess. Joelle has been in the health and fitness industry for over 5 years. Going from a broke, depressed college student to living a life by design happened with heart and hustle. Girl in Charge Radio is a place to for girls to come together and girl stuff! This community is bringing a burst of positivity to all listeners because girl its time to stop letting life happen to you and start taking charge!


Ep. 03 Whats important to you? | Girl In Charge

This episode is hosted by Joelle Suess. Has a stock picture on Facebook every just felt like a slap in the face? Todays topic was inspired by a photo that said "instead of saying I don't have time try saying its not a priority to me" Is what is important to you getting your time? Or are you giving your time to things that are not priorities!  Share your thoughts on Instagram girlinchargeradio  Girl in Charge Challenge this week is to identify what you are saying "I don't have time for ___" then make time for that this week. 


 2015-11-10  6m