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WLM Podcast #67 - SPRING BREAKERS and the Korine-Konundrum


Well it's that time of year when the weather starts to become more amenable, clothes begin to come off, students take a leave from their studies for a short time, and hedonism reigns supreme. Yes it's that glorious time of year known to us all as "spring break". And thanks to MTV, Girls Gone Wild, Arrested Development, and the South Padre Island chamber of commerce, the yearly ritual has been so entrenched in our cultural lexicon that it has become something or a right of passage (a right of passage with the distinct possibility of chlamydia).

So leave it to batshit firebrand Harmony Korine to take said ritual and use it as a launchpad for his latest speciously "artistic" foray into his special brand of fever dream filmmaking. The lascivious wunderkind is firing on all cylinders in his latest cinematic ode to barely legal shenanigans and Oscar Dahl and I watched the shit out of it.

Join us for a We Like Movies tribute to the first truly important film of 2013: the insta-camp-classic SPRING BREAKERS. Love it or hate it. It's a real movie and it's here to stay.

Spring Break Forever.


 2013-04-02  59m