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Tune into the Monster Island Radio podcast to hear Ben & Graeme talk about one of their favourite movie franchises, Godzilla! Every episode of this Godzilla Podcast is a discussion about each film from the Toho/World of Godzilla series and the Legendary MonsterVerse (and maybe a few other kaiju movies too)!


Mothra (1961)

In today's episode we're talking about the Queen of the Monsters debut, Mothra (1961)!

Not only that, but Kaiju Corner returns and we talk about Dawn of the Monsters by 13AM Games.

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00:00:00 - 01:12:02 Mothra Discussion

01:12:02 - 01:13:04 Kaiju Quiz (Part 1)

01:13:04 - 01:17:55 Mothra Discussion cont'd

01:17:55 - 01:20:52 Kaiju Quiz (Part 2)

01:20:52 - 01:26:54 Overall Impressions

01:26:54 - 01:47:13 Kaiju Corner!

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 January 8, 2023  1h47m