The Punk Tree

Mike, Jesse and Aaron discuss the history or some of their favorite music. They follow the branches of punk rock from hardcore to emo and screamo to indie rock.


episode 2: Punk Nibbles #4: A Dense Hoppy Finish in Your Mouth

The number of the day is 2! Microphone potatoes, Aaron hates Relient K and can explain why, Mike thinks metalcore is monotonous, and Jesse eats a banana.

Featured Tracks:

Descendents - That’s The Breaks

Amos Lee - All My Friends & Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight

Pulley - Huber Breeze

Raised Fist - Anthem

Angels And Airwaves - Some Origins of Fire

Johnny Booth - Asymetrical

August Burns Red - White Washed

Relient K - Sadie Hawkins Dance

MxPx - Fist Vs Tact

Anberlin - Uncanny

2Pac - The Good Die Young

Poison The Well - My Mirror No Longer Reflects

Featured Drinks:

The Alchemist - Heady Topper

Four Corners - El Chingón

Urban Roots - Like Riding a Bike

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 February 2, 2021  32m