Beatles vs. Stones

People have kicked around Beatles vs. Stones arguments since the dawn of the discourse. This podcast takes that conversation to its logical conclusion, even if it means grinding it into dust. Hosts Justin Cox and Ryan Page pit years’ worth of Beatles and Rolling Stones records against each other, one year at a time, starting in ’64 and ending in ’74. We’ll trade off defending bands from one week to another, threading a needle between friendly conversation and hardline debate, featuring pop-ins from guests. The Beatles put out Abbey Road 1969 and the Rolling Stones put out Let it Bleed. Who had a better year? Subscribe to this podcast to throw yourself down that hellhole of a debate. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.


episode 6: 1968: Sympathy for the White Album? Featuring Whitney Page

Justin Cox and Ryan Page look at 1968, when the Beatles release The White Album and the Rolling Stones release Beggars Banquet. Justin reps The Beatles and Ryan reps the Stones this week, although we neglect to ever actually mention that. The major releases are:

Beatles: White Album, Hey Jude, Revolution 

Stones: Beggars Banquet, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Rock & Roll Circus 

 At 42:30, Whitney Page, a cultural critic from Orcas Island weighs in on the year. Justin and Ryan pick back up around 57:00. Subscribe to the show and share it with your friends. Beatles vs. Stones is proudly part of the Pantheon Podcast Network. 

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 February 10, 2021  1h22m