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episode 771: Sonic TALK 743 - New Walkman, Superbooth and NAMM, Lemur and touch


  • Charles Chicky Reeves - FOH engineer, producer, songwriter
  • Ty Unwin- media composer, producer, orchestrator
  • Marc Doty - Synth historian, youtuber and clock repairer

Youtube video Version

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00:00:16 SHOW START
00:13:09 New Sony Walkman. Why?
00:26:46 AD: iZotope OZone 10
00:32:11 Superbooth and NAMM coming up fast
00:40:58 AD: Baby Audio - Save 15% With ST15 Code
00:46:31 Touch Me
00:59:02 Lemur Lives Again
01:10:19 JHVE asks via - irc - QQ what are Chicky's white monitors there?

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