The Best of The Best Podcast: Presented By The Maverick Teams

The Maverick Teams is a boutique consulting firm founded by Maverick Levy. This podcast will focus on all the ventures that Maverick Levy and the team are associated with. This show will be full of education, inspiration, and entertainment as Maverick brings on guests to chat with. This is The Best of The Best Podcast: Presented By The Maverick Teams!


episode 1: SEASON 3, EP 1 with Maverick Levy (CEO of The Maverick Teams)

Welcome back! This is Season 3 of The Best of of The Best: Presented by The Maverick Teams hosted by Maverick Levy & he is here to discuss: Changes to the podcast, how this show has brought him business ventures, Levy & Associates, Encore Insurance & Lead Generation for the Auto Insurance Industry, restructuring Insurance Made Simple Podcast, The Best of The Best Podcast Network, WindowMDs, launching a media company, Create Every Opportunity aka CEO, utilizing being the youngest in the room & so much more. This episode is not to be missed!

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 February 2, 2023  30m