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episode 421: 9to5Mac Happy Hour 421: iPhone 15 USB-C, 15-inch MacBook Air coming soon, Apple headset delayed again

Benjamin and Zac explore the rumors swirling about a 15-inch MacBook Air supposedly coming soon, and how it would fit into the current MacBook lineup. They also discuss the latest news that the AR/VR headset has once again been delayed, and ponder whether Apple would limit the capabilities of the iPhone 15 USB-C port on purpose.

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Zac Hall @apollozac or @zac@home.social

Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo or @bzamayo@mastodon.social

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  • iPhone 15 USB-C port may have some features limited to Apple certified cables and accessories
  • 15-inch MacBook Air set for an ‘early April’ release, new report says
  • Bloomberg: Apple delays AR/VR headset launch again, now expects to unveil the device at WWDC
  • Apple fixes annoying HomePod bug that caused HomeKit requests to time out and fail the first time you ask
  • iOS 16.3.1 now available for iPhone users, here’s what’s new
  • Apple announces release date for Ted Lasso season three
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