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Seasons of Life: Endings Are Normal

This message one of a new series called, "Necessary Endings." The primary message of the series is that in order to grow and improve in your personal, professional, and spiritual life you have to embrace that endings are normal, develop skills for discerning when an ending is necessary, and then be able to execute that ending with wisdom and courage. In this message, Pastor Mark helps us to assess our comfort level with endings. If we interpret them as negative, dangerous, and wrong (as personal failures) then we will resist and fight against them, but if we see them as normal, expected, and possibly good, then we will embrace endings when necessary and find new and creative ways to move forward. We can more easily accept endings when we understand that everything has a life cycle. This series is based on the book by Dr. Henry Cloud, "Necessary Endings."


 2015-04-13  41m