Espresso With Love

???????? Listen to "Espresso With Love" and Wake Up With A Smile!! Every Monday at 6AM EST! 15min of motivation, accountability and a ton of love! Jump your start your week with DISCO.

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Episode 145 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

big changes in your life to actually making the big changes in your life?! There is no better way to be inspired then by seeing your own co-host, @littletfitness leave the country to do just that!! It’s Episode 145! Wake Up Beautiful People we got you!!


 2018-12-05  9m

Episode 146 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

????What would you do if you had your social media account Hacked. Held for ransom. Paid up the money and STILL not given access?! Can you detach yourself from this land of make-believe?? Another episode of “Pauly’s Perspective” with my co-host @paulloduca - It’s Episode 146! Wake Up Beautiful People, we got you.


 2018-12-06  28m

Episode 147 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

????❤️WOW! Can’t believe we did it. We hit 10,000 plays!! Thank you so much to all of you that continue to support us through this unknown path, we can’t express how much it means. Do you know how many times we’ve thought about quitting, do you know how much easier it is to just stop?? The weekend is here so let us help you light a fire under that @$$! - It’s Episode 147! Wake Up Beautiful People. We got you.


 2018-12-07  15m

Episode 148 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

????Jan 1st is just around the corner and we know what that means, time for empty promises and fake hope for change in our lives. Don’t get caught up in the hype, I’ve got 2 tips on how to help you actually succeed at your New Years Resolution goals next year! - It’s Episode 148! Wake Up Beautiful People. We got you.


 2018-12-10  14m

Episode 149 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

????Being #mindful has certainly amped my awareness for my surroundings and moreso the actions and existence of others. I know that can be a burden, but to this day we have learned that service for others, selfishly can benefit yourself. Another Segment of "Mind Your Tuesdays" with Breanna from @artsofcompassionhealing- It’s Episode 149! Wake Up Beautiful People. We got you.


 2018-12-11  23m

Episode 150 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

????Question for you. What came first, mental or physical health?! Confused?! Wonderful. Join us for another Segment of #workoutwednesdays with Taylor from @littletfitness - It’s Episode 150! Wake Up Beautiful People. We got you.


 2018-12-12  15m

Episode 151 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

????The Holidays. The time when couples kill you with endless pictures of their happiness and single people remember what’s actually most important. What side are you on?! Another episode of Pauly’s Perspective with my co-host @paulloduca It’s Episode 151! Wake Up Beautiful People. We got you.


 2018-12-13  30m

Episode 152 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

????The weekend is here. If you look forward to giving up and tapping out, just skip this episode. But if you want some inspiration, motivation and fire up under that @$$, then just hit PLAY! It’s Episode 152! Wake Up Beautiful People. I got you.


 2018-12-14  10m

Episode 153 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

????It’s your favourite day of the week! Good morning beautiful people! If nobody has done anything to try to make you SMILE this morning, than I beg you for the opportunity! Nothing but fire and LOVE on this 8min Episode! Just hit PLAY! It’s Episode 153! Wake Up Beautiful People. I got you.


 2018-12-17  9m

Episode 154 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

????GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Eventually this world that we are living in will change from being a society who dominates thoughts of selfishness and entitlement to that of togetherness and kindness. It’s going to happen.! And it all starts with….. ??! Another Segment of “Mind Your Tuesdays” with my cohost Breanna from @artsofcompassionhealing. Just hit PLAY! It’s Episode 154! Wake Up Beautiful People. We got you.


 2018-12-18  24m