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We're just two die-hard horror fans presenting new thoughts and takes on both favorite and obscure horror films from yesterday to today. We watch and review one horror movie a week from the perspective of fun, with a little film criticism thrown in.


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episode 225: Christine

This week we pay tribute to Kelly Preston by reviewing the only horror movie we could find with her in it - Stephen King's killer car movie, Christine, directed by none other than John Carpenter.


 2020-08-24  57m

episode 224: Session 9

Brad Anderson's "psychological horror film" is an odd but welcome departure from our usual slice-and-dice fare, sometimes compared stylistically with Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now.


 2020-08-06  1h3m

episode 223: Rhonda Shear

It was an incredible honor to interview her for this week's special episode of 2 Guys & A Chainsaw. Thank you, Rhonda, for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us about your days in showbiz and your current endeavors!


 2020-07-30  38m

episode 222: The Beach House

If you're looking for a horror film that feels timely and hits too close to home for comfort, then grab a bottle of your strongest whisky and high-tail it over to Shudder.


 2020-07-22  55m

episode 221: Alien

For our tribute to the late, great British actor Ian Holm, we came around to his role as Ash in 1979's Alien.


 2020-07-14  1h16m

episode 220: Opera

We take a break from requests to go to the opera....Argento's Opera, that is.


 2020-07-09  1h7m

episode 219: Triangle

This week's request is a somewhat obscure time-tripping movie that we never would have found on our own.


 2020-07-03  54m

episode 218: The Blair Witch Project

Today's request is an oldie but goodie. Thanks, James, for suggesting The Blair Witch Project. We had to get to it eventually, right?


 2020-06-24  1h0m

episode 217: Possession

This week we handle another request from loyal listener, Chase, who saddled us with an intense and tricky "art house" horror film from legendary Polish director, Andrzej Żuławski, starring a young Sam Neill.


 2020-06-18  1h5m

episode 216: Demons

Also known by its original Italian title, Demoni, Demons is a Dario Argento-produced gore-fest by Mario Bava's son, Lamberto Bava.


 2020-06-08  53m