2 Guys And A Chainsaw

We're just two die-hard horror fans presenting new thoughts and takes on both favorite and obscure horror films from yesterday to today. We watch and review one horror movie a week from the perspective of fun, with a little film criticism thrown in.


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episode 234: Scare Me

A horror "anthology" unlike any we have ever seen before.


 2020-11-14  1h1m

episode 233: Halloween 2018

Something about this baby just works, and Craig and I had a ball discussing it. Happy Halloween, everyone!


 2020-10-31  1h6m

episode 232: Transylvania 6-5000

This week's Halloween-appropriate film is a Mel Brooks-ish wannabe that launched to a splash in 1985 and landed with a thud because...well, it's just not that funny.


 2020-10-20  49m

episode 231: Witchtrap

Seems like an appropriate title to kick off October - a haunted house, devil-worshipping spirit, witches, seances, ghost hunters, surly detectives, and hammy acting.


 2020-10-10  57m

episode 230: The Wailing

We originally chose this movie for Father's Day, but other things came up.


 2020-09-29  50m

episode 229: Pumpkinhead

Lots of love for this creature feature directed by the late, great Stan Winston, and starring Lance Hendrickson.


 2020-09-22  53m

episode 228: Tammy and the T-Rex

Craig went off the deep-end this week to dig through the dustbin of history and brush of this wacky flick starring none other than a super-young Denise Richards and a convenient animatronic dinosaur.


 2020-09-15  58m

episode 227: Pieces

Every now and then, it's time for an exploitation grindhouse classic, and Pieces checks all the boxes.


 2020-09-12  59m

episode 226: The Thing

As a creature feature with a lot going for it, it's a bit difficult to understand why it wasn't as well received in its day. Listen as we try to answer this question and throw in a few clips of Wilford Brimley's unmistakable voice.


 2020-09-02  1h2m

episode 225: Christine

This week we pay tribute to Kelly Preston by reviewing the only horror movie we could find with her in it - Stephen King's killer car movie, Christine, directed by none other than John Carpenter.


 2020-08-24  57m