The Minimalists Podcast

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less.



    076 | LiveWire

    Joshua & Ryan stop by Public Radio International to record a live radio show in which they must convince the audience to keep or let go of certain possessions. Detailed show notes:



    075 | Maine

    Joshua & Ryan visit the great state of Maine, and they answer the following questions: How do I help my children minimize their stuff without doing it for them? How do you deal with gift-giving from others around birthdays and Christmas? How do you discover your identity and your passions? As an artist, how do I minimize many of the tools that are requisite for my art? How do you stay focused on maintaining minimalist practices despite the temptations of the surrounding consumerist world?...



    074 | Boston

    Joshua & Ryan bring their Less Is Now Tour to Boston, and they answer the following questions: Once your needs are met for the month, what do you do with your remaining money? How can minimalism help with significant transitions in your life? As an artist who creates physical artifacts, how do I reconcile that with being a minimalist? Have there been moments when you’ve struggled when considering purchasing an item or letting go of an item? How do explain your recent adoption of...



    073 | Vermont

    Joshua & Ryan visit Vermont for the first time, and they answer the following questions: Once you decluttered your home, how did you fill the empty space appropriately without falling back into old habits? If you could give minimalism a more appropriate name, what would you call it? How do you deal with all the paperwork in life that seems important and necessary? What do your daily lives look like now that you’ve wholly adopted minimalism? What baby steps can someone take if they’re...



    072 | Pittsburgh

    Joshua & Ryan kick off their Less Is Now Tour in Pittsburgh, and they answer the following questions: How do I keep a minimal wardrobe when I have a career that depends on appearance? Who influenced you to adopt minimalism? What are your passions? How do you stay focused on your minimalism practices and resist falling off the wagon? How do I appropriately minimize a sentimental item that was made specifically for me? How do I find my mission in life? When I’m moving, how do I best...



    071 | Media

    Joshua & Ryan discuss their evolving approach toward social media and news media, and they delete many of their smartphone apps live on the air. They also answer the following questions: How do minimalists cope with the daily deluge of media? Which social media platform do you find the most effective? Is there an ideal newsfeed for minimalists? Detailed show notes:



    070 | Clutter

    Joshua & Ryan discuss the best ways to handle clutter, and they answer the following questions: I’ve minimized my possessions to only those things that add value to my life and bring me joy, but my space still feels cluttered—what do I do next? What should I do with all the books and papers I accumulated as I was earning my college degree? How do I deal with the clutter of my partner? Detailed show notes:



    069 | Values

    Joshua & Ryan discuss their values, principles, and beliefs, and they answer the following questions: What does the phrase “add value” mean? When you quit a job you’ve held for a long time, how do you find your new identity separate from the identity you created through your job? When you experience major life events, do you find your values change, and, if so, what do you do about it? Detailed show notes:



    Bonus | App

    The Minimalists discuss their new app. Download it today:



    068 | Overwhelm

    Joshua & Ryan discuss how they deal with being overwhelmed, and they answer the following questions: How do I encourage and support someone who wants to adopt the best practices of minimalism, but can’t seem to find and keep the motivation to do so? How do I declutter, de-stress, and live a more meaningful life as a 12 year-old, especially at school? How do I deal with setbacks and failure when I’m challenged by a mental illness? Detailed show notes: