The Minimalists Podcast

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less.



      episode 101: Style

      Joshua & Ryan visit Calgary, and they answer the following questions: What tips do you have regarding finding, and being satisfied with, your own clothing style? What advice do you have for those people who are reluctant to take action immediately to improve their lives? What is your favorite ski resort? What is your favorite podcast? How do you explain you don’t want physical gifts to a loved one that enjoys giving gifts? Detailed show notes:

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      episode 100: Gone

      Joshua & Ryan visit Vancouver for their 100th episode, and they answer the following questions: How do you address feelings of loss when a prized possession you use daily is stolen? What is your process for curating the most important things in your life? How did you start living simple, intentional lives, and what advice would you give others seeking to do the same? How do I resolve my feelings of guilt regarding things I’ve purged from my life? What resource—book, podcast, film, etc...



      episode 99: Breathe

      Joshua & Ryan speak with Julien Smith, founder of Breather, in Montreal, and they answer the following questions: What is the most challenging aspect of your current journey as The Minimalists? How do I reconcile many of the traditional goals I grew up with—corporate career, marriage, children, home ownership, etc.—with the tenets of minimalism I now follow? How do you recommend we address others who question our minimalist lifestyle? How do we help our children become more conscious of co...



      episode 98: Horizons

      Joshua & Ryan visit Ottawa, and they answer the following questions: As dedicated minimalists, what do you want the world to look like in five years? How important do you believe the history of minimalism is to the current minimalism movement? Do you believe taking on some student debt is a more effective use of your time than working 16+ hour-days for years to pay for a college education? What are some tricks and tips for getting rid of heirlooms? How do we help children adopt...



      episode 97: Sidehustle

      Joshua & Ryan speak with Chris Guillebeau, author of Side Hustle, in Portland, Oregon, and they answer the following questions: How often do you recommend reassessing your values to ensure your short-term actions still align with your long-term goals? When is bankruptcy the appropriate option for those people that are struggling with their finances? How do I help my partner adopt minimalist practices? What ideas, concepts, and skills did you glean from Corporate America that helped you in...



      episode 96: Toronto

      Joshua & Ryan visit Toronto, and they answer the following questions: What ultimately made you decide to quit your jobs? What should I do if I have conflicting values? What tips do you have for traveling light? Can social media truly add value to our lives? Detailed show notes:

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      episode 95: Relocating

      Joshua & Ryan talk about where they're moving, and they answer the following questions: How do you move past feelings of shame regarding past mistakes and embarrassing episodes in your life? How do you ensure you’re addressing any emotional baggage attached to items as you’re getting rid of them? Is there a path to purchasing a house without taking on debt? Is it cheaper to sell your furniture before a move and then buy new furniture for the new place, or is it cheaper to pay to move the f...



      episode 94: Budget

      Joshua & Ryan talk about budgeting, and they answer the following questions: Is it good or bad to have a credit rating? Is it appropriate to move in with loved ones to save money? In what order should I pay off my debt? What advice do you have for creating a realistic value-based budget and adhering to it? How do I stick to my budget without restricting experiences with loved ones? What do you recommend to those in the ‘pre-budget’ stage that are not ready to make every dollar go in its pl...



      episode 93: Deep

      Joshua & Ryan speak with Andrew Belle in Indianapolis about his new album, Dive Deep, and they answer the following questions: As an introvert, how do you meet the demands of a passion that requires an extroverted personality? What suggestions do you have for preparing yourself for the reality of daily life once you’ve graduated college? How do you resolve the feelings of guilt you have for even purchasing items you need to run a business? How can I be more intentional regarding the r...



      episode 92: Smallstuff

      Joshua & Ryan visit Spokane, and they answer the following questions: How do I minimize the many accoutrements I have for the many passions I pursue? How do you ensure you’re adding the appropriate amount of value to a relationship? What advice do you have for ensuring you don’t lose memories when you let go of sentimental items? How do I minimize a plethora of paper documents I’ve saved and filed just in case I need them? How do you explain your new minimalist lifestyle to former colle...