The Minimalists Podcast

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less.



      088 | Respond

      Joshua & Ryan visit Columbus, and they answer the following questions: How do you respond to people who resign themselves to situations by saying, “That’s just the way it is”? How do you manage to continue to grow and to cultivate open minds and soft hearts? What advice do you have for saying ‘no’ to people and to activities you like to avoid becoming overly committed and stressed? What struggles and expectations have you had to address since becoming ‘The Minimalists’? What...



      087 | Balance

      Joshua & Ryan visit Cincinnati, and they answer the following questions: What questions have your audience members posed that have made you reevaluate your values and beliefs? What questions did you ask yourself when you were younger to help you determine that happiness was more important to you than material success? What advice do you have for people who seem to take minimalism to an extreme, or for those who offend others with their obsession with minimalism? What suggestions do you...



      086 | Rich

      Joshua & Ryan speak with Rich Roll live on the Less Is Now tour, and they answer the following questions: What questions did you ask yourselves, and what resources did you consult, to determine your five foundational values? What has helped you 'drudge through the drudgery' and stay focused on your projects? How do you let go of the fear that you don't have enough? What films do you find most relatable to the journey of becoming a minimalist? Detailed show notes:...



      085 | Shopping

      Joshua & Ryan talk about shopping, and they answer the following questions: Do you ever splurge on anything? How do I justify purchasing something new to replace something that is still functional, but has lost its luster? How do I quell my feelings of guilt after purchasing new items? How do I reconcile my need to sell merchandise for my livelihood with my need to hold true to my minimalism values? How can I create a profitable minimalist store? What are good questions to ask myself...



      084 | Nonline

      Joshua & Ryan speak with Patrick Rhone, author of Enough, in Minneapolis, and they answer the following questions: Is America’s consumerism more nefarious than that of other countries that therefore makes practicing minimalism even more crucial in the United States? Is it better to use up what you have, or is it better to sell it, donate it, or give it away? Should I hang onto the things I purchased for the person I want to become? Are there similarities between the principles of living...



      083 | Rob

      Joshua & Ryan speak with Rob Bell in Los Angeles, and they answer the following questions: What is the best way to tell people you’re a minimalist that is easiest for most people to understand and accept? Is it possible to have a better life with ‘more,’ and, if so, what would that ‘more’ be? How do you find a deep-rooted, lasting happiness in everything? How do you find the flow that makes your work effortless? Why does minimalism seem to be more popular with females than...



      082 | Hoarding

      Joshua & Ryan discussing hoarding and collecting, and they answer the following questions: What are your thoughts on emergency preparedness? How can a minimalist coexist with their hoarder partner? How can I help an older family member adopt minimalist practices? How do you broach the subject of minimalism with a family member that is a dedicated hoarder? Do most hoarders actually find the things they were saving for one day, or do they simply purchase replacements? As a hoarder, where do...



      081 | Bloodchocolate

      Joshua injures himself at a rest stop & Ryan eats chocolate in front of a crowd, and they answer the following questions: What tips and tricks do you have regarding moving? How can you grow side hustles without increasing mental clutter and losing focus? How much chocolate is too much chocolate for a minimalist? What do you do when you’re a minimalist, but your partner has no interest in minimalism? How do you become successful without becoming obsessed with goal achievement? How does...



      080 | Family

      Joshua & Ryan talk about their families, and they answer the following family-related questions: How does caring for others fit into minimalism? How do you pitch minimalism to folks that are resistant to getting rid of their stuff? How do I part with gifts from family and friends without offending the gift-givers? Detailed show notes:

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      079 | Collisions

      Joshua & Ryan visit Chicago, and they answer the following questions: How do you deal with the collisions with the values and beliefs of the non-minimalists in your life? How do I donate items to different charities when I don’t have a car to haul the items to those charities? What questions did you ask yourself to determine your passions, and what actions did you take to pursue those passions? What have you learned about yourself that you weren’t able to recognize before adopting...