A Conscious Way Forward

This is a podcast for the healers, leaders, learners, seekers, changemakers and dreamers. Your host David K Richards is on a mission to help individuals rise in consciousness and envision a new paradigm for healing, leading and learning. David gets to the heart of the matter with healing, reimagining leadership, and reinventing schools. He shares his conscious journey and transformation as a Founder & CEO, education reformer, life coach, and dad-preneur. You will see the big picture with him while also getting practical and easy-to-understand tips and strategies to change your life. David tells engaging and entertaining stories about life, leadership, his journey to reform education, parenting ups and downs, and how he healed from his traumatic childhood to achieve success. He also engages in deep conversations with others that have walked the intuitive path like him. If you are interested in coming home to your soul’s purpose, reimagining leadership, reinventing schools, and healing forward together this is the podcast for you.


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Suzi Lula on Inner Spaciousness and Finding Your Mountaintop

In this open-hearted episode, David and his wife Julie co-host an interview with wisdom teacher Suzi Lula. Suzi reminds listeners that there are no ceilings, walls or floors to stop us from reaching our highest potential when we find the courage to...


 2021-10-27  57m

Authenticity and the Path to What Really Matters

In this step-back solo episode, David reflects on the A Conscious Way Forward podcast at the one-year anniversary of its launch. He urges listeners to forget the age-old question, "What are we doing with our lives?" and instead ask, "What are we BEING...


 2021-10-13  20m

The Surprising Truth About The Four-Letter Word: PLAY!

Kim McIntyre is a Joyful Living Teacher who shows people how to laugh more and stress less, so they can enjoy life NOW.  For 20 years, she has shared her mission of joy and laughter, and today runs a Joyful Being® Academy. In this conversation...


 2021-09-29  46m

The Unraveling of the Personal Self with Terrence Stephens

Hold onto your hats! In this episode, David sits down for a mind-blowing conversation with an Australian born teacher and guide of Non-Duality. Non-Duality is based on the belief that beneath the diverse experiences of every human, there is a single,...


 2021-09-16  57m

The Field Will Set You Free with Helen Hamilton

In this episode, wisdom teacher Helen Hamilton shares her insights about the mind and the suffering we create for ourselves as a result of the illusion of separation--separation of self, separation from others, separation between spiritual and daily...


 2021-08-25  1h6m

Intuitive Living with Staci Mehas-Lewanski

Staci Mehas-Lewanski is a model for intuitive living. In this episode, she shares some of the key experiences that have propelled her forward on this journey. With clarity and conviction, Staci shares about the importance of shedding the layers of...


 2021-08-12  53m

Imagining Our Way To A New Education Paradigm

An Interview with Judy Julin


 2021-07-29  48m

Looking Beneath the Surface: A Conversation with Conscious Parenting Coach Rachel Duffy

A Conversation with Conscious Parenting Coach Rachel Duffy


 2021-07-14  55m

Conscious Leadership and Bringing Your Whole Self to the Table:

A Conversation with Serial Entrepreneur Sarah Hawley


 2021-06-30  1h2m

Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Work and the Spiral of Healing

A Conversation with Janet Philbin, LCSW-R, ACSW


 2021-06-09  54m