ACEP Frontline - Emergency Medicine

ACEP Frontline, hosted by Dr. Ryan Stanton, features in-depth conversations on the hottest topics in emergency medicine and critical care.



      Jennifer Wiler, MD: Alternative Payment Models

      Host Dr. Ryan Stanton talks to Dr. Jennifer Wiler on alternative payment models.



      Jim Williams, DO, FACEP: Team VTE

      Host Dr. Ryan Stanton and Dr. Jim Williams discuss a comprehensive, team-based educational approach to VTE care to minimize recurrence of VTE and improve anticoagulation therapy adherence. By targeting a team of health care providers including emergency room personnel and those engaged in continuation of treatment following a VTE occurrence, a true team-based approach for patients can be modeled for and implemented by program attendees.



      Dr. Ken Milne: Evidence-Based Medicine

      Host Dr. Ryan Stantons talks to SGEM Host Dr. Ken Milne on practicing evidence-based medicine.



      Resa Lewiss, MD: Dog Deaths and Program Design

      Host Dr. Ryan Stanton talks to Dr. Resa Lewiss at DAS SMACC about her lecture, "FOUR TRAGIC DOG DEATHS: LESSONS IN PROGRAM DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT.""Academic programs are built on four main pillars: clinical excellence, research, education, and administration. These apply whether you build and design an u/s program or division, a simulation program, a toxicology or pre-hospital program and even an academic department. You never forget when your childhood dog dies. And I will never forget how...



      Krystin Thomas, MD: Treating Sexual Assault Victims in the ED

      Host Dr. Ryan Stanton talks to Dr. Krystin Thomas, a resident physician and rape crisis advocate. She talks about the assessment and approach to the sexual assault victim in the ED.



      Pik Mukerji - Atypical Chest Pain

      Host Dr. Ryan Stanton talks to Dr. Pik Mukerji on the evolution and "diagnosis" of atypical chest pain in the ED.



      Michael Myers, MD: Physician Depression and Suicide

      Host Dr. Ryan Stanton talks to Dr. Michael Myers about the growing concerns over physician depression and suicide. Dr. Myers is Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and immediate past Vice-Chair of Education and Director of Training in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at SUNY-Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. --



      Joe Waeckerle, MD, FACEP: Concussion

      Host Dr. Ryan Stanton talks to Dr. Joe Waeckerle on his involvement with concussion treatment in athletes from youth sport leagues to the NFL sidelines and how ED docs can be prepared when they encounter their next mTBI.



      Paul Gowens: EMS Medicine

      Host Dr. Ryan Stanton talks to Paul Gowens about the progressive aspects of pre-hospital care.



      Paul Young, MD: Critical Care Research

      Dr. Paul Young from DasSMACC talks about the righting the wrongs of modern critical care research.