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Nate Parker - Jackie Robinson 9:5:21 6.46 PM

Photo credit/Jackie Robinson: Usage: Public Domain Photo credit/ Nate Parker: By flickr user Soluta -, Usage: CC BY 2.0,


 2021-09-06  2m

Where Is Bruce Li? - 5:15:21, 8.28 PM

Keyboard: Gail Nobles Artwork by: Gail Nobles Voice actor: Gail Nobles Story and dialogue intro by: Gail Nobles Fighting Sound: Usage: Public Domain Today’s Topic is Where is Bruce Li. Bruce Li born Ho Chung-Tao is a Taiwanese...


 2021-05-16  3m

Example of an Oscar - 12:5:19, 10.30 PM

Story by: Gail Nobles Today's topic is an example of an Oscar. The Academy Awards. If you want to make a great movie and win an Oscar, try doing something never done before. The Ten Commandments was a movie that won an Oscar in 1957 for special...


 2021-04-15  3m

Superman VS Spiderman - 7:13:19, 6.22 PM

Story by: Gail L. Nobles Keyboard player by: Gail Nobles Actors by: Gail Nobles Sound effects of web webshooter: and Stan Lee info: Superman VS Spiderman comic book Photo Credit: Public Domain Stan Lee...


 2021-02-12  3m

Social Activist James Brown - 11:20:18, 10.11 PM

Story by: Gail Nobles Music by: Gail Nobles Male actor by: Gail Nobles Photo Credit: Young James Brown Photo Credit of James Brown: Wikimedia Commons/Ronzoni Owner Usage: By Ronzoni - Own...


 2020-12-13  3m

Hawkmen - 6:7:19, 3.02 PM

Story by: Gail Nobles Artwork by: Gail Nobles From free photo by: Joshua van der Schyff on Hawk sound: Today's topic is Hawkmen! In the movie "Flash Gordon', we see the Hawkmen appear. But where...


 2020-09-18  2m

Battle Cry News - Abbas Alizada - 8/25/18, 12PM

Story by: Gail Nobles Actor by: Gail Nobles Movie Logo Music: Gail Nobles 8/25/2018 Story First Written on May 12, 2018 Photo Credit:,...


 2020-08-23  1m

James Brown Style - Secret Agent Funk - 7:26:20, 11.42 AM

James Brown Style - Secret Agent Funk Music by: Gail Nobles Voice Actor by: Gail Nobles Vocals by: Gail Nobles Gail: On this sound, it reminds me of James Bond or Mission Impossible. Actor: Ain't Got nothing on James Brown. The movie makers...


 2020-07-26  1m

There Could Have Been A Bodyguard 2 (ONE MORE Time for Love) - 6:1:20, 5.11 PM

Podcast Theme: One More Time for Love By Gail Nobles © 2020 Story by: Gail Nobles Keyboard player: Gail Nobles Photo credit: By Source, Fair use, Gunshot: Voices by: Gail Nobles...


 2020-06-02  3m

Children Are The Future - 5:12:20, 2.10 PM

Title: Children are the Future Story by: Gail Nobles Keyboard player: Gail Nobles Photo Credit: By Asterio Tecson - Flickr: 135, CC BY-SA 2.0, Good evening Whitney Houston fans and anyone...


 2020-05-12  2m