Adventist History Podcast

This podcast tells a story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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episode 22: (S1, E22): The 70s

In this episode, we look at the early 1870s -the frustrating and fruitful period of Adventist church-building, where the educational and medical wings of the church took off.


 2016-07-22  20m

episode 21: (S1, E21): James White for President

In this episode, we look at James White's first term as General Conference president as well as the people and circumstances which made it practically ineffective. Poor James.


 2016-06-22  20m

episode 20: (S1, E20): Health Reform

In this episode, we check out the beginning of the Adventist Church's commitment to health - in the context of the atrocious standards of mid-19th century American medical practice.


 2016-05-22  24m

episode 19: (S1, E19): The War Between the States

In this episode, we learn about how the new Seventh-day Adventist Church coped with the American Civil War.


 2016-04-22  26m

episode 18: (S1, E18): The General Conference

In this episode (the final of our trilogy covering the organization of the Adventist church), we talk about the final steps that led to the formation of the general conference, and it's first president, who just happens to be the Adventist church's first


 2016-03-22  27m

episode 17: (S1, E17): The First State Conference

In this episode (the second of our trilogy covering the organization of the Adventist church), we get to witness the first steps of church organization in the early days of the Civil War, culminating in the formation of the first state conference of churc


 2016-02-22  25m

episode 16: (S1, E16): What's in a Name?

In this episode, we begin a trilogy of episodes covering the organization of the movement into a proper Christian denomination. First up, we look at how the name "Seventh-day Adventist" was chosen in 1860.


 2016-01-23  28m

episode 15: (S1, E15): Sister Betsy

In this episode, we cover one of the biggest steps in the organization of the movement into a denomination: Systematic Benevolence. This project consumed much of 1859, and the result was an affordable, simple plan to pay the preachers and proclaimers of t


 2015-12-22  17m

episode 14: (S1, E14): Lovett's Grove

In this episode, we talk about the Great Controversy vision and how the eventual book was revised, revised, revised, and revised until it becomes the version Adventists value above anything else she wrote...and then try to pawn off on people for free.


 2015-11-23  32m

episode 14: Special Interview - George Knight

In this special episode, Matthew Lucio sits down with former Adventist church history professor George R. Knight for an interview. (Given the non-ideal environment, we apologize for the condition of the audio).


 2015-10-25  32m