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The Average Motorcyclist - Tim Randall

We’ve had some incredible travellers on this podcast and have been regaled with tales of adventure to far off and exotic places, trips around the world and years spent exploring on motorcycles. And while we are inspired by those stories and dream of...



Rider Skills: How a Motorcycle Clutch Works and How Much Abuse it Can Take

When maneuvering at low speeds, slipping the clutch on your motorcycle is an essential skill with a manual clutch. Most riders learn that if you slip the clutch too much you can wear it out quickly, so why do riding instructors tell you that you need...



What You Should be Wearing Under Moto Gear May Surprise You

The motorcycle industry offers many choices of underlayers for motorcycle gear. Different models, materials, and thickness. And it would make sense that the more layers you have, the more protection, especially if those layers were abrasion resistant....



This is Totally Absurd - Keith Futcher

It all started when Keith Futcher saw a glossy photo in a glossy magazine that ignited a desire to ride a motorcycle to the Sahara to see a sunrise. Except Keith didn’t own a motorcycle, neither did his brother or his friend, both of whom were...



Saying Their Good-Byes to Kenya and on to New Adventures - Tim and Marisa Notier

A few years ago, Tim and Marisa set out to explore the world, they travelled through North and South America, then headed to Africa. When the pandemic hit and many travellers headed home, Tim and Marisa decided to stick it out, so they found a good...



Skulls and Close Calls

Michnus and Elsie Olivier from PikiPiki Overland are in the thick of things in Oaxaca, Mexico awaiting the celebrations of Day of the Dead. They share their experiences and knowledge of this fantastic celebration for those who have passed away. We...


 2021-10-29  1h9m

Rider Skills: Riding 2-Up Off-Road with Bill Dragoo

Even if you don’t ride 2-up chances are if you ride with others, or are inclined to help someone in need, you may end up having to put someone on the back off your bike at some point. Maybe while riding off-road with friends, someone’s bike breaks...


 2021-10-21  1h4m

A Different Kind of Passenger - Jess and Greg Stone

After an eight month trip around South America, Jess and Greg Stone fell in love with Guatemala. They moved there in 2016 and adopted a German Shepherd that has since been a regular passenger on the back of Jess’s bike on a custom made carrier....


 2021-10-14  1h7m

GEARING UP: Soft Luggage vs Hard Luggage - The Essential Pannier

Hard or soft luggage has always been a hotly debated topic for motorcyclists, and of course, everyone has an opinion. And while each has its pros and cons, it’s ultimately up to the rider what suits them best. And to help you make that decision we...


 2021-10-07  1h36m

Overcoming Limitations Through Motorcycling - Kathleen Terner

When Kathleen Terner first got on a motorcycle with her future husband, she instantly fell in love with riding and she spent four years on the back of his bike until the relationship ended. But, her love for motorcycling didn’t wane and she was...


 2021-10-01  1h10m