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Every Beginning Has an Ending - Even Motorcycle Trips

When we last spoke with Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West in April, they were stuck in Uruguay for what they thought might be at least another month, possibly longer because of the pandemic. But, after several months, they’ve decided that it’s time to...



Rider Skills: How to Skid Steer Your Motorcycle - Jimmy Lewis

Being in control of your motorcycle builds your confidence and more importantly also makes you a safer rider, especially when things go pear shaped. Riding instructor, Jimmy Lewis, teaches us how to skid the rear wheel of our bikes for steering. In...



Purpose Driven Planning for Moto Adventures Close To Home | Offbeat Adventure Collection - Greg Frazier

Long, short, cross country, group, solo and around the world trips. The choices are endless… but what if you’re time constricted yet want to do something fantastic and memorable, especially if you have to plan around work? This is where purpose...



Understanding the Motorcycle Tube - T.J. Tennent

Spoked wheels offer some advantages to the adventure rider, namely they are more flexible and forgiving in the rough stuff which is why most adventure bikes on the market have them. But that flexibility comes at a cost - and that’s what inside the...



Life on a Bike and Packing Tips for Motorcyclists - Ken and Carol Duval

Ken and Carol Duval have been living and traveling on the road for 17 years on a 1989 motorcycle. And though they don’t have a website, they have found that the internet has been invaluable to them and has made travel so much better. Ken and Carol...



How Trip Planning Can Make Shorter Adventures Better

After planning for years, Martin Smith and six other riders from the USA and the UK went on a short trip to tour the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Martin is a planner, and for him that’s a big part of the adventure. On this episode, he talks about...


 2020-07-03  44m

Rider Skills: How to Turn Around When You're Stranded on a Hill

On this episode we learn techniques for turning our motorcycles around when we are stranded part way up a hill and the only way out of the predicament is down. Now, while this is not a hard core skill, learning the correct method of turning your bike...


 2020-06-25  44m

And Now For Something Completely Different - Graham Field

In some cases, in fact in many cases, travel leads to exploration, discovery, experience and generally to more travel. But, in some rare instances travel can actually lead to settling down and finding a new place to call home that stimulates the mind...


 2020-06-18  59m

Adventure Outside of the Box - Billy Ward

Billy Ward, AKA Billy BikeTruck, is a really interesting guy living life on the edge and on his terms. He is bold, daring, charismatic, and adventurous. He's a show promoter, manages talent, rides all over the world, he has wrestled crocodiles, chased...


 2020-06-12  1h19m

Shawn Thomas - How Chance Leads to Change

Shawn Thomas was an experienced motorcycle salesman who found himself in the odd position of losing interest in riding motorcycles. And just as he was getting ready to give up riding, as serendipity would have it, someone walked in to the dealership...


 2020-06-05  1h22m