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The Sedano Show (Chris Bosh)

Chris Bosh, former NBA player, joined Jorge. Chris talked about what his daughter calls him since quarantine school started. Plus, why the Miami Heat received so much criticism and how he's been dealing with retirement. And, what does he think of LeBron



The Sedano Show (Nick Nurse)

Jorge is joined by the head coach of the Toronto Raptors, Nick Nurse. Nick shared his story to becoming an NBA coach. Plus, how he dealt with Kawhi Leonard in Toronto. And, Nick isn't hating the 1-16 seeding that's being thrown out, he just wants NBA bac



The Sedano Show (HR 2): Michael Jordan's truth!

The second hour kicks off with audio of Michael Jordan saying he didn't want Isaiah Thomas on The Dream Team. Also, former NBA player, Chris Bosh joins Jorge to talk about post retirement life. Plus, Chris talks about LeBron and Kobe's 81 point game. And



The Sedano Show (HR 1): The NBA possibly changing the way we play

Jorge is all for skipping regular season games and going straight to the NBA playoffs. Also, some NBA players aren't willing to play. Plus, Toronto Raptor's head coach, Nick Nurse, joins the show and shares his story on becoming an NBA coach. And, caller



The Sedano Show (Martin Jarmond)

Jorge is joined by Martin Jarmond, the new athletic director for UCLA. Also, Martin shared how this new transition has been. Plus, who did he call first at UCLA when he got the job? And, Martin understands the rivalry between USC and UCLA.



The Sedano Show (HR 2):South Korean Soccer League doing something interesting

Jorge is joined by friend of the show Mina Kimes. Mina shares her thoughts on how Aaron Rodgers has expressed himself about Jordan Love. Also, LA was ready to step up for the NBA. Plus, callers share their most surprising sports win. And, Ben Lyons top 5



The Sedano Show (HR 1): The NBA has momentum!

Happy Friday! Momentum is building but we need to focus and continue to do what's best for each other. The NBA might resume play in two locations. Plus, Bergman is the foil not a villain. And, UCLA's Athletic Director, Martin Jarmond joins Jorge. Martin



The Sedano Show (HR 2):It's a Caribbean thing!

Clinton Yates, ESPN and friend of the show joins Jorge. Clinton doesn't understand why the NBA players need to leave the bubble city. Also, Clinton understands why Paul Pierce is salty towards LeBron. Plus, Dave McMenamin, ESPN NBA comments on the potent



The Sedano Show (HR 1): Don't leave the bubble!

Jared Dudley explains the bubble city in depth. Also, who's played the best U.S president onscreen? Jorge opens up the phone lines and callers chime in. Plus, Paul Pierce continues to make noise with his top 5 list. And, Keyshawn humble in an alternative



The Sedano Show (Stephen A. Smith)

Stephen A. Smith from First Take, joined Jorge and Ramona. Stephen A. mentions how Michael Jordan is taking the backlash from The Last Dance. Also, he explains why Kobe is not in the MJ vs. LeBron debate. And, he adds another title to his name.