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APG 538 – The Game of Pilot Life

[00:03:27] NEWS [00:03:45] NTSB AND US Navy will Recover the Wreckage of the DHC-3 Turbine Beaver that Crashed off Whidbey Island Washington [00:07:27] FAA Rejects Airline's Request to Turn Back Flight 3407 Reforms and Hire Less Experienced Pilot...



APG 537 – Back-up Pilot

[00:03:53] NEWS [00:04:11] Tracep AN28 near Bukavu on Sep 10th 2022, Aircraft Missing but Officially Reported Crashed [00:09:56] Body Parts and Debris Found in Baltic Sea After "Ghost Plane" Crashes with Prominent Businessman,



APG 536 – No See Wall

[00:03:21] NEWS [00:03:39] Tupelo, Mississippi Pilot who Threatened to Ram Plane into Walmart is Down, in Custody [00:14:07] Float Plane Crashes in Puget Sound, 1 Dead, 9 Missing [00:18:14] TAP A20N at Conakry on Sep 2nd 2022,



APG 535 – Chasing Beaver!

[00:03:47] NEWS [00:04:04] Report: West Sweden ATP at Isle of Man on Apr 9th 2021, Autopilot Refused to Disconnect [00:10:41] Alaska B739 at Seattle on Aug 22nd 2022, Engine Cowl Opened in Flight [00:14:16] Final Report - Runway excursion Inc...


 2022-09-04  3h4m

APG 534 – Egad! What a CAD!

[00:03:09] NEWS [00:03:27] Incident: PIA B772 and PIA A320 Over Iran, TCAS Saves the Day [00:15:31] TUI B738 at Aberdeen on Sep 11th 2021, Deviation from Flightpath During Go Around [00:44:51] FEEDBACK [00:45:00] Capt.


 2022-08-29  2h59m

APG 533 – Just Hanging On!

[00:04:12] NEWS [00:04:29] Preliminary Report - Missing Pilot En Route to RDU [00:10:55] Report: Southwest B737 at Santa Ana on Jul 1st 2022, Flight Attendant Receives Serious Injury on Touch Down


 2022-08-23  3h3m

APG 532 – A Böing on the Head

[00:03:29] NEWS [00:03:49] EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 [00:08:16] Alaska Airlines flight delayed because pilots couldn’t get along [00:18:14] Pilot informs Raleigh Approach that his co-pilot "just ran out the back of the plane"


 2022-08-15  2h51m

APG 531 – Oshkosh 2022 Live!

A special edition of our show, live from EAA AirVenture 2022. Enjoy! Special thanks to the EAA Media Center for allowing us to hold our show in their briefing room! VIDEO - Don't see the video? Click this to watch it on YouTube! -


 2022-08-04  1h6m

APG 530 – Flies on my Thighs

[00:03:47] NEWS [00:04:53] NTSB Releases Final Report on Dale Snodgrass Crash [00:11:15] Meridian AN12 near Kavala on Jul 16th 2022, Impacted Ground After Engine Trouble [00:15:00] New Navy Flight Mask Could Prep Aviators to Avoid Blacking Ou...


 2022-07-24  2h6m

APG 529 – Captain Jeff Tweets Away

[00:02:53] NEWS [00:03:12] PRELIMINARY REPORT - Serious Incident AIRBUS A320 Registered 9H-EMU On 23May2022 On Approach to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport [00:35:52] Fedex B752 at Tulsa on Jun 8th 2022, Landed on Wrong Runway


 2022-07-15  2h58m