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APG 426 – Coming Unstuck

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:55] NEWS [00:04:28] Latvian Drone Fueled for Days Goes Missing, Restricting Airspace [00:11:03] American FedEx Pilot Imprisoned for Breaking Quarantine Order in Singapore



APG 425 – In Memory of Capt Andy Anderson

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:04:04] NEWS [00:04:55] The Impact of COVID-19 on US Commercial Passenger Airline Fleets [00:07:09] Delta Air Lines to Retire Boeing 777 Fleet as Coronavirus Crushes Demand



APG 424 – I Wear Fishnet

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:32] NEWS [00:04:06] Boeing-Embraer Deal Collapses [00:08:59] BA and Virgin May Not Reopen at Gatwick Once Pandemic Passes [00:17:50] Coronavirus Uncertainty Forces Cancellation of EAA AirVenture at Oshkos...



APG 423 – Down the Hatch

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:36] NEWS [00:04:09] Jets from bust airlines set to flood the aviation market [00:12:11] Incident: Titan A321 Engine surges, Engine Stalls Due to Overdose of Fuel Treatment



APG 422 – Frogfurter

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:48] NEWS [00:04:22] Covid - 19 News [00:32:03] Plane Lands on Highway Near Quebec City [00:38:36] Hall of Famer Halladay Performed Stunts and Was on Drugs Before Fatal Plane Crash



APG 421 – Caution: Whale Turbulence

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:35] NEWS [00:04:09] COVID-19 News [00:13:55] Accidental Ejection [00:27:14] Air France A330 Grounded With Bullet Holes in Fuselage [00:32:23] Conquest Cargo CVLP near Miami on Feb 8th 2019,


 2020-04-18  2h41m

APG 420 – The Stimulator

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [03:25] NEWS [04:09] Crash: Conviasa AT42 near Puerto Ordaz on Sep 13th 2010 [18:18] Crash: Santa Barbara ATR42 near Merida on Feb 21st 2008 [27:33] Accident: Shanghai B738 at Shanghai on Jan 3rd 2020,


 2020-04-13  3h15m

APG 419 – We’re Not Dead Yet!

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [3:40] NEWS [4:14] Collings Foundation B-17 Crash Update [11:49] Serve Air Cargo Boeing 727F Rolls Out Of Control After Emergency Landing [27:14] RJ Engine Run-up Flips Hangar at KSBP


 2020-04-06  3h12m

APG 418 – We’re “Online Influenzas”

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [0:04:10] NEWS [0:04:43] MDW Chicago Midway ATIS - ATC Zero! [0:11:03] ATC Zero at SLC - Earthquake! [0:19:22] American Airlines Reunites Passenger With Father Just Before He Passes


 2020-03-26  2h55m

APG 417 – Petticoats and Parachutes

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:06:23] NEWS [00:06:57] Fokker 50 crash crew ignored multiple alerts during take-off roll [00:15:29] Pilot of Crashed Turkish Pegasus Flight Did Not Understand Guidance: Report


 2020-03-22  2h59m