All Things Awful with Adam & Alex

We do a weekly podcast where we discuss serial killers, missing persons cases, true crime and everything in-between. Occasionally, we are graced with guests.

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Lufthansa Heist, Henry Hill + Show update

On this episode, we cover the infamous Lufthansa Heist, Henry Hill's life and a show announcement. 


 2017-01-19  1h2m

The disappearance of Lisa Stone

In June of 2010, Lisa Stone went missing. If it were not for the effort and persistence of some close friends, her case my have slipped through the cracks. 


 2017-01-05  57m

Matthew Hoffman

Mr. Hoffman is an odd fellow. His questionable mental state possibly led to the death of an innocent family. 


 2016-12-22  47m

Sherri Papini

On this episode we recap what we know of the Sherri Papini story. We have a lot of questions while we wait for more information to come out. 


 2016-12-01  1h2m

Missing Persons

We did another "surprise topic" episode. We both chose stories centering around mysterious disappearances, and shared them with each other. This one gets strange..


 2016-11-17  49m

Antoinette & Rogers

A dirty cop, her lover, and a robbery gone wrong. 


 2016-11-10  58m

Cash & Landrum

Trying our hand at a slightly different topic. UFO or secret government spacecraft? How many helicopters? Was the U.S. Government involved? Long John donuts or Eclairs? You decide. Enjoy!


 2016-11-03  47m

Halloween murders & more

In the spirit of our favorite holiday, we covered a couple of true stories centered around Halloween. From a murderous pastor with a horrendous past, to a mystery with political ties that spanned decades.


 2016-10-27  48m

Robert Berdella

Robert Berdella was especially curious and vicious. Once you entered his home, you weren't likely going to make it out alive.


 2016-10-23  48m

Cults with Evan & Autumn

Our best buds Evan & Autumn stopped by to discuss Jim Jones and Alex gives us the rundown on Children of God.


 2016-10-10  1h44m