Alumni AudioLab

Alumni AudioLab is a monthly podcast series where alumni of the OeAD talk about themselves and their research. The OeAD brings together researchers from all over the world and from different fields of research who spent part of their research career in Austria – some of them have even stayed here. In the Alumni AudioLab they tell their stories, talk about their scientific ambitions, their motivations and their personal backgrounds. It is an open format for all those who are not only interested in science as such but also in the people behind it.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 59m. Bisher sind 200 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint jede zweite Woche


"Welt im Ohr": Green Building Solutions: Sustainable construction and minimum environmental impact

Goal 11 of the UN Agenda 2030 states that "cities and settlements should be inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable". What "green" planning and building means can be heard in this programme.


 2019-09-12  59m

AAL_25_Alumni AudioLab mit Tanushree Gupta

Von der autodidaktischen Restauration der Gemälde ihrer Mutter als Kind, zu einem Doktortitel in Kunstrestauration.


 2019-09-02  37m

AAL_24_Alumni AudioLab with Blerte Ismajli

As a student in times of war, she learned German as a language and studied German studies. She made a career out of the language comparison German - Albanian (podcast in German)


 2019-07-03  49m

Implementation of the UN Sustainability Development Goals: Quo Vadis Austria?

Where does Austria stand regarding the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? The platform "SDG Watch" organised the first forum in Vienna.


 2019-05-09  59m

AAL_23_with Kesang Wangchuk

Mountains, Happiness and Research – Story of a Bhutanese who went forth to find happiness in research.


 2019-04-30  n/a

AAL_22_with_Bohdan Cherkes

Architecture and identity are closely linked for Bohdan Cherkes. The Ukrainian tells about this and about his life in this episode.


 2019-02-27  50m

Ö1 Campus celebrates its 10th anniversary - and the OeAD celebrates with it

The panel discussion "Radio, Podcast - public communication as a political experience" took place on the occasion of the anniversary of experimental radio and "Welt im Ohr"'s home radio station.


 2019-02-08  58m

AAL_21_with Miguel Vazquez Pufleau

A problem solver of complex technical issues and processes tells his story – because pigeonholing is passè.


 2019-02-01  45m

"Welt im Ohr" (World in your Ear): Best of Global Dialogues 2018 - BROADCASTS FOR CHANGE

In 2018 the Global Dialogues editorial group "Women on Air" focused on "Broadcasts for Change". In line with the "The World We Want" campaign, shaped by Agenda 2030 and the efforts to achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), women were to be made audible and visible.


 2019-01-03  1h0m

ArchE – das digitale Archiv des Helfens Österreich

In diesem letzten Podcast des Jahres 2018 wirft Welt im Ohr einen Blick auf Österreichs Entwicklungspolitik der letzten 60 Jahre und auf das digitale Archiv des Helfens.


 2019-01-03  59m