American Scandal

Every scandal begins with a lie. But the truth will come out. And then comes the fallout and the outrage.Scandals have shaped America since its founding. From business and politics to sports and society, we look on aghast as corruption, deceit and ambition bring down heroes and celebrities, politicians and moguls. And when the dust finally settles, we’re left to wonder: how did this happen? Where did they trip up, and who is to blame? From the creators of American History Tellers, Business Wars and Tides of History comes American Scandal, where we take you deep into the heart of America’s dark side to look at what drives someone to break the rules and what happens when they’re caught. Hosted by Lindsay Graham.

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episode 3: Encore: Iran Contra | Don and Ed

When the story breaks that senior U.S. government officials secretly traded arms for hostages, Congress and the American people demand answers. Chief of Staff Don Regan and Attorney General Ed Meese begin building a wall around the President.   This episode originally December 11, 2018. Listen ad-free on Wondery+ here Support us by supporting our sponsors! Honey - Get Honey for FREE at Join Better Help - Get 10% off your first month at



Wondery Presents Business Movers

In Wondery’s newest series, Business Movers, host Lindsay Graham dives deep into the inner workings of some of the most successful companies of all time. From the origin stories of their famed leaders to the million dollar idea that catapulted them to success, how exactly did these companies grow from an idea and a dream to multi-billion dollar corporations? Hear the landmark decisions, the scandals, and the stunning triumphs that made them who they are. First up: Walt Disney. Listen at wondery...



episode 2: Encore: Iran Contra | Ollie

Two of Reagan’s top priorities are in jeopardy: American hostages are still in the hands of terrorists, and the Contras are losing their fight against the Sandinistas. In early 1986, the two operations merge. In the middle of it all is Lieutenant Colonel Ollie North. This episode originally aired on December 4, 2018. Listen ad-free on Wondery+ here Support us by supporting our sponsors! Zip Recruiter - You can try ZipRecruiter FOR FREE at



episode 1: Encore: Iran Contra | Bud

In July of 1985, the National Security Advisor to President Reagan, Robert “Bud” McFarlane, puts a plan in motion that could change the course of history and turn the Reagan administration upside down.   This episode originally aired on November 27, 2018. Listen ad-free on Wondery+ here



episode 5: The Unabomber | The Followers

Ted Kaczynski warned that technology was crushing the human spirit—and harming the planet. Since 1995, when his manifesto was published, Kaczynski has gained a large number of followers. John H. Richardson, a journalist and author, corresponded with Kaczynski, and joins Lindsay to discuss the wide-reaching influence of Kaczynski's ideas.  Listen ad-free on Wondery+ here 



episode 4: The Unabomber | Hard Evidence

The FBI gets closer to the Unabomber. But a leak to the media threatens the case. And soon, agents are forced to take action.  Listen ad-free on Wondery+ here


 2020-12-22  41m

Wondery Presents Jacked: Rise of the New Jack Sound

Hosted by Golden Globe winner Taraji P. Henson.  Have you ever had a dream? Something you wanted so bad you just couldn’t let it go? For a group of kids in Harlem in the Eighties, their dreams would change pop music forever. Teddy Riley, Timmy Gatling, and Aaron Hall form a group called Guy that would fuse hip-hop and R&B and launch a new sound. By the early Nineties, the New Jack Sound dominated the pop music charts: Bell Biv DeVoe, Bobby Brown, Boyz II Men, and many more...


 2020-12-21  4m

episode 3: The Unabomber | 35,000 Words

A fight erupts between Ted Kaczynski and his brother, David. And when tragedy strikes, the Kaczynski family begins to break apart. Listen ad-free on Wondery+ here Support us by supporting our sponsors! SimpliSafe - Get a FREE home security camera, when you purchase a SimpliSafe system at You also get a 60 day risk free trial, so there’s nothing to lose.


 2020-12-15  40m

Wondery presents Catfish: The Podcast

Now, from MTV and Wondery, “Catfish: The Podcast” brings you the most shocking episodes of the hit series, adapted for your ears for the very first time. Hosted by Nev Schulman. You finally find the person of your dreams, but there’s just one problem: you haven’t yet met them in real life. When you start to suspect something isn’t quite right, you need someone to help you find out the truth. That’s where “Catfish: The Podcast” comes in...


 2020-12-09  3m

episode 2: The Unabomber | In the Woods

Ted Kaczynski falls in love. But soon, he's shocked by some news—and retreats into the wilderness in Montana. It's there that he pushes forward with a deadly bombing campaign. Listen ad-free on Wondery+ here Support us by supporting our sponsors! Policy Genius - Don’t go into 2021 without life insurance. Go to and get started. You could save 50% or more by comparing quotes and start the new year with one less thing to worry about.


 2020-12-08  40m