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The MERICS China Podcast, brought to you by the Mercator Institute for China Studies, a show that analyses current affairs in China and the latest developments in EU-China relations.

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episode 163: How China utilizes economic pressure, with Aya Adachi and Alexander Brown

With growing geopolitical tensions, economic relations with China are increasingly challenging. The term “economic coercion” is heard more often recently in connection with EU-China relations, as China relies on economic pressure to push for strategic goals. A prominent example of this is China’s souring relations with Lithuania over the renaming of the Taiwan representative office, with companies operating in Lithuania caught in Beijing’s crosshairs...



episode 162: Global views on China, with Helena Legarda and Jacob Gunter

Various crisis scenarios - above all Russia's war in Ukraine - are reinforcing the impression that the world is moving toward a new formation of blocs. At the same time, Beijing seeks to use its growing global power and influence to shape the global order in its favor...


 2022-09-02  31m

episode 161: Öffentliche Debatten in China, mit Kristin Shi-Kupfer und Katja Drinhausen

Trotz Zensur und Kontrolle gibt es immer noch ein breites Spektrum an Meinungen in China...


 2022-08-04  24m

episode 160: Re-assessing the EU's China strategy, with Sébastien Jean and Mikko Huotari

China’s relations with the EU have become more difficult recently: In 2019, the Strategic Outlook of the EU Commission for the first time described China as a partner, a competitor and a systemic rival. This definition still holds today, and it is increasingly challenging to navigate in times of deepening rifts between global players...


 2022-07-08  23m

episode 159: Green hydrogen in China, with Alexander Brown and Nis Grünberg

Green hydrogen is an important component of China’s path towards reaching carbon neutrality by 2060. While 80 percent of Chinese hydrogen is still produced using coal or gas with high CO2 emissions, a surge in technology development and large-scale projects led by local governments and companies are paving the way for a rapid expansion of the green hydrogen industry...


 2022-07-01  25m

episode 158: MERICS Event Podcast: The return of uncertainty in China

China is experiencing turbulent times: Covid-19 lockdowns in many cities and provinces have sent the Chinese economy into a dramatic decline, censors are having a difficult time keeping the Chinese internet free from statements of public discontent and rumors about political frictions. And as the war in Ukraine rages on, the Chinese leadership's course of alignment with Moscow is putting a strain on relations with Europe and the US. Beijing is confronted with unprecedented uncertainties...


 2022-06-10  53m

episode 157: Taiwan and the war in Ukraine, with Sheryn Lee

The close relationship between Russia and China, which has not withered in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has turned a spotlight on the simmering territorial conflict between China and Taiwan...


 2022-06-03  24m

episode 156: The BRI and the war in Ukraine, with Francesca Ghiretti and Jacob Mardell

Rail freight between China and Europe is probably the main symbol of the Belt and Road Initiative for many in Europe. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, however, the steady flow of trains and goods has been disrupted. In this episode will look the impacts of the war in Ukraine on the BRI, how China is changing and adapting the BRI, and what that means for decision makers in Europe...


 2022-05-27  22m

episode 155: Hong Kong's new Chief Executive, with Eric Lai and Valarie Tan

On May 8, John Lee was elected as Hong Kong's next leader with over 99 percent of the votes cast by a largely pro-Beijing election committee. In his victory speech he claimed he wanted to start a new chapter and build a Hong Kong that is “caring, open and vibrant, full of opportunities and harmony...


 2022-05-13  31m

episode 154: The CCP’s vision for digital transformation, with Rebecca Arcesati

Digital transformation is a top priority of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan. Having built a solid foundation for its digital economy, Beijing wants to reach the next phase: integrate digital technologies with the real economy, society and government functions to drive economic upgrading and modernize the Chinese Communist Party’s governance capabilities...


 2022-05-06  18m