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episode 120: Meet Google’s new boss, same as the old boss

Adam, Jonathan, and Joe discuss the Escobar Fold 1 and the...unique marketing approach for this phone. Qualcomm’s Hawaii-based processor event dropped and with it the Snapdragons 865, 765, and 765G.  Speaking of G, there will be 5G’s with...


 2019-12-07  56m

episode 119: Deadpool’s Mint and driving with Google in cars

Adam, Jonathan, and Joe get together on this short holiday week to chat about Android Auto. Adam has a new radio and Joe is an old Android Auto soul. Plus, Deadpool now owns an MVNO, Mint Mobile and what’s up with that? Also, we take a look at...


 2019-11-30  45m

episode 116: The Android Authority Black Friday Wish List

Adam, Jonathan, and Joe list the items they’ll be looking to buy this Black Friday. And here they are: Nintendo Switch with free minecraft - $299 Ring Doorbell with Echo Show - $179 Fire 7 tablet - $29.99 Anker 15000 mah power pack - $24.99...


 2019-11-29  39m

episode 117: Hello Google Stadia! Farewell, John Legere!

Joe Hindy takes a turn at the hosting mic while Adam and Jonathan join him to chat. We get some final thoughts on Google Stadia, and why Joe is so set against it. Plus our favorite carrier CEO is stepping down next year, and we talk about filling his...


 2019-11-23  1h3m

episode 118: Google Stadia Podcast Review: Life is a subscription

David Imel joins Adam to talk about Google’s new cloud-streaming gaming platform, Google Stadia. Is this the gaming solution of the future? Is the future ready for this device? Join Adam and David as they discuss the ins and outs of Google’s...


 2019-11-23  30m

episode 115: Google checks in on Moto's RAZR ambitions

Adam, Jonathan, and Joe talk mostly Moto RAZR, Motorola’s folding phone and it’s pretty awesome. We also geek out over retro mode on the phone. Also, we take a look at Apple’s comments about Chromebooks in the classroom and Google’s checking...


 2019-11-16  1h2m

episode 115: A Pentacamera masterpiece and Google Pixel Perks

Not that Note, the other Note


 2019-11-09  1h0m

episode 113: Google’s Fit, Moto’s RAZR, and who the hell is BBK??? Featuring Andru Edwards from Gear Live!

Adam and Joe are joined by Andru Edwards, host of the Geared Up Podcast to talk about the Google Pixel. The battery is small, but people are buying it anyway. We take a look at one of the best deals in phones in 2019, the LG G8x. Samsung may lose its...


 2019-11-02  1h8m

episode 112: Final Pixel 4 thoughts and lots of surprises

David Imel joins Adam and Jonathan to wrap up our final thoughts on the Google Pixel 4. Does Google have the right strategy following Apple’s lead? Just how valuable is Soli and Motion Sense anyway? LG launches a whole lotta phone for not a whole...


 2019-10-26  1h9m

episode 111: Google Pixel 4 Podcast Review: It’s so Google

The Google Pixel 4 is a fairly controversial phone. It’s got so much great going for it, but it also falls short in a few key areas. Our review calls it the “but” phone, because it has an amazing camera, but it lacks an ultrawide lens. It has...


 2019-10-23  47m