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episode 75: Apple’s WWDC Keynote: Know thy enemy featuring Megan Morrone from TWiT!

WWDC is on and Apple packed a lot into its keynote. Adam and Joe needed an expert, so we snagged the biggest Apple expert we could find - Megan Morrone from the This Week in Tech network! Adam, Joe, and Megan break down all the biggest announcements...


 2019-06-05  52m

episode 74: Helloooooo Moto Z4 and the Pixel is on the right track

Say hello Moto to the Moto Z4 and continuing support for Moto Mods! Adam, Jonathan, and Joe look at Moto’s latest not-a-flagship flagship. Adam Sinicki asks the question “Is the Pixel 3a what the Pixel should have always been” and the answer is...


 2019-06-01  54m

episode 72: Gary Explains: ARM’s new toys and how the SoC works

Gary Sims from Gary Explains joins Adam, Jonathan, and Joe to talk about ARM’s latest CPU and GPU, the Cortex A77 and the Mali-G77. But we go deeper, talking about how an SoC is constructed, and why it is constructed the way it is. What freedoms do...


 2019-05-27  40m

episode 73: Huawei's Woes

This is not a featured story of the Android Authority Podcast, but it is centered on Huawei and the trouble it found throughout the week. What happened? What’s happening now? What’s going to happen? Adam and Jonathan are joined by news hound, C....


 2019-05-25  54m

episode 71: Pixel 3a XL Podcast Review: Not a Nexus

Despite comparisons to its old siblings, the Nexus phones, reviewed Dhruv Bhutani thinks this Pixel 3a XL is cut from a different cloth.  The software is incredible, as is the camera. In North America, the price is unbeatable. Beyond that part of...


 2019-05-18  20m

episode 69: Google’s excuses and a new OnePlus in town

Adam, Jonathan, and Joe are joined by Chris Thomas, executive editor of Google’s reason for including a headphone jack in the Pixel 3a series doesn’t sit well with any of them. It’s a great thing for a bad reason. Samsung is...


 2019-05-18  1h2m

episode 69: OnePlus 7 Pro Podcast review: 2019 Champion?

David Imel joins Adam and Jonathan to discuss OnePlus’s latest offering. The full written review and video are out, so we settle down for a podcast about the company that never settles. OnePlus claimed on stage that this was the best phone we would...


 2019-05-16  43m

episode 68: Google Pixel 3a: "A" is for “Nexus”

We are joined by distinguished guest Jason Howell from the All About Android podcast/TWiT network. Adam, Jonathan, and Jason discuss Google I/O and the feeling from the floor. Exciting, or just a bit ho-hum? We look at all the new features dropping in...


 2019-05-11  1h3m

episode 67: Google I/O 2019 wrap up

The Google I/O keynote is over and we’re left to digest so much of what was announced. We got new advancements in Google lens, Google Assistant, Android Q, Nest Home products, and so much more! Adam, Joe and Jonathan cover everything that came out...


 2019-05-08  1h2m

episode 66: LG, Motorola: Winners who still somehow lose featuring Juan Carlos Bagnell a.k.a. @SomeGadgetGuy

Adam, Joe, and Juan dive deep into the LG G8 and also examine why LG has seen 9 straight quarterly losses. But at least it didn’t fail as mightily as the Energizer P18k Pop phone with an 18,000 mAh battery. Hadlee Simons takes us on a South African...


 2019-05-04  1h10m