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ANNCast is the official weekly podcast from Anime News Network, the internet's most trusted anime news source since 1998. Hosted by ANN's senior staff (each with over a decade in the business), the show is a laid-back, fun and frank discussion about Japanese animation, its audience and its industry -- often revealing secrets about how things really work. Guests include prominent figures in both the business of anime and the fan community.



ANNCast - Brains In A Jar

Zac and Jacob have a full report from James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez' ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL, and it's time once again for videogame chat with Dave and Graziella!



ANNCast Returns

Zac and Jacob return from beyond the grave to talk Winter 2019 anime, from Dororo to The Promised Neverland to Hand Shakers 2. PLUS: just a little Alita: Battle Angel and Kingdom Hearts III!



ANNCast - A Monster's Holiday featuring Shawne Kleckner

Right Stuf CEO Shawne Kleckner drops by for a fun, in-depth holiday update from the trenches of the anime retail business and THEN Zac and Jacob break down the latest NHK Ghibli documentary, Dragon Ball Super: Broly and much more!


 2018-12-21  1h10m

ANNCast - Just Froobin' Over Here

Zac and Jacob return from beyond the grave to catch up on a big pile of Fall 2018 anime, plus Broly, new Fruits Basket, Evangelion on Netflix and live-action Cowboy Bebop!


 2018-12-08  54m

ANNCast - The Thing About My Dokes

Zac and Jacob dive back in to the controversial sequel Madoka Magica Rebellion for its 5th anniversary and embark on a tour of the writing evolution of Gen Urobuchi through Madoka, Psycho-Pass and Thunderbolt Fantasy!


 2018-11-09  58m

ANNCast - My Glamorous Vampire Dad

Jacob's back, and this week we're all about Mamoru Hosoda's Mirai, Sam Deats and Warren Ellis' Castlevania Season 2, and of course, Smash Mouth.


 2018-11-02  48m

ANNCast - Casually Spooky

Jacob's out this week, so Interest editor and monster enthusiast Lynzee Loveridge stops by for a spell to ask: what makes a truly memorable spooky anime? Plus a Fall season update, scary movie breakdown and more!


 2018-10-26  39m

ANNCast - The Fall of Man

Zac and Jacob chew their way through as many Fall 2018 anime premieres as they can - from Double Decker to Sword Art Online to Thunderbolt Fantasy and a whole ton more.


 2018-10-12  1h12m

ANNCast - We Just Klecked

Right Stuf co-founder and president Shawne Kleckner stops by the show to talk about his latest kickstarter, Emma, plus some fun details about the anime retail landscape in the year 2018.


 2018-09-28  1h4m

ANNCast - Your Eternal Reward

Kodansha Comics is releasing the Sailor Moon manga all over again, so Manga Answerman Deb Aoki joins the show for a chat with Kodansha editor Lauren Scanlan and superstar translation team Alethea and Athena Nibley for a chat about what it took to put this giant book together.


 2018-09-21  52m