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A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.

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#335: Pranks for the Memories (@Daniel_Sloss)

Daniel Sloss came over to my flat in Edinburgh to tell stories about all the pranks he and his friends have played on each other. They get down. And Sloss is not someone who takes it well so be careful. Sam Morril joined me on the intro, too.  ...


 2018-09-11  2h22m

#334: Gas The Jews (@CountDankulaTV)

Count Dankula met me in Edinburgh, Scotland to tell me about his crazy ordeal being arrested AND CONVICTED of a crime for making a funny video on YouTube. It's a crazy state of things right now, all over the world. So come listen in to the Glaswegian...


 2018-09-03  3h57m

#333: Great Ball of China (@ComicMikeV

Mike Vecchione had me over to the apartment he shares with his partner Dan Soder to talk about his first trip to the Orient. He went to China for two weeks. What happens when you make your first trip to Asia is your mind just about explodes with new...


 2018-08-29  1h57m

#332: 9/11 Killed JFK (@DSGermain & @TimJDillon)

Tim Dillon and Dan St Germain came over to talk about conspiracy theories. Both those guys are way into that stuff so that's all they talk about anyway.    Get Dan's brand new comedy album, No Real Winners Here at or...


 2018-08-14  2h43m

#331: White China (@AndyCurtain)

Andy Curtain made his way from Shanghai to Montreal to tell me about the darkest sides of life in China. He's lived in Shanghai for a decade now and he REALLY knows what it's all about. Fun discussion with an intro appearance from my Edinburgh Fringe...


 2018-08-01  2h43m

#330: Shroob (Shroom Noob) (@KevinIso

Kevin Iso came over to my apartment to talk about shrooms. I know I've lost site of what it's like to be new to magic mushrooms, so I had Kevin come in to tell that side of it. He just started taking psychedelics so he was the perfect guest for...


 2018-07-09  2h49m

#329: Where To Next (@RolfPotts)

Rolf Potts brought over an old paper atlas to my apartment and we leafed through it and imagined all the places we want to go. Every page bringing new ideas for adventure. Rolf is a traveler. He's seen things and done things and been to places that...


 2018-07-02  3h51m

#328: Free Base (@RichVos)

Rich Vos and I sat in my backyard and talked about his days as a drug addict. Man, I love talking to addicts about their old days. He got DOWN! Tons of good stories. He's been sober for a while now so he really comes at it almost like he's observing...


 2018-06-21  3h28m

episode 327: Cappereira

@CapperFlapper had me over to his apartment in Melbourne to talk about travel, farming, his deep sexual love affair with aboriginal history, and shitting. It was an all over the place conversation on one of the most sacred and drunk holidays in...


 2018-06-04  2h53m

#326: Bushcraft Party Boys (Robert Kelly & Joe List)

@JoeListComedy, @RobertKelly, and I packed our camping gear and went to the woods to do some camping and definitely not to chow down on each other's knobs like we need it to live. No. Just camping. We're bush crafters. And we're party boys. We're the...


 2018-05-29  2h10m