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Daily audio clips of John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.

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Does Sin Have a Necessary Place in God’s Plan for the Universe?

Pastor John shares why sin is part of God’s ultimate plan.


 2016-03-06  n/a

Why Casinos Always Win in the End

Guest, Vern Poythress, explains why casinos don't lose money.


 2016-03-04  n/a

Should We Flip a Coin to Find God’s Will?

Guest, Vern Poythress discusses chance and the sovereignty of God.


 2016-03-03  n/a

Why Going to Church Does Not Make You a Christian

In this sermon excerpt, Piper recounts when he discovered his desire for Christ was too weak.


 2016-03-02  n/a

 2016-03-01  n/a

Has My Sexual Sin Made Me Unsavable?

Pastor John counsels a man who struggles with sexual sin and worries that he may be beyond repentance.


 2016-02-29  n/a

How Do I Wisely Tell a Professing Believer I Don’t Think They Are Saved?

Pastor John gives advice to believers on how to approach those around them who are professing believers, but may not be truly saved.


 2016-02-26  n/a

Four Reasons to Share Your Personal Struggles with Non-Christians

Pastor John counsels Christians, in wisdom, to share their weaknesses with unbelievers.


 2016-02-25  n/a

Jesus Did Not Stop at Making Salvation Possible

In this sermon excerpt, Pastor John preaches that "the cross was not a tragic event God *turned* for good. It was a loving event God *planned* for good.”


 2016-02-24  n/a

Help Me Trust in God’s Sovereign Goodness over My Wearisome Life

Pastor John gives 3 ways to see the sovereign hand of God in the monotony of life.


 2016-02-23  n/a