Atheist Nomads

We host a weekly show alternating between interviews with leaders in the atheist, skeptic, and humanist community and news. In our news episodes we cover the latest in religious leaders behaving badly, church/state entanglement issues, and other topics of interests to atheists. We also have science and history segments. You can email us at or call us at 1-541-203-0666.



      episode 247: Fighting About Condiments

      This week we're joined by Mikey Pullman and we've got David Silverman, updates on Trump's latest trans military ban, Ken Ham's labor woes, the impending apocalypse, fighting over condiments, and more!



      episode 246: Now with twice as many babies!

      This week Merry Cole is back and brought along little baby Blithe. In the news we have the Idaho Gov and Lt. Gov race, Mormon creepiness, the SBC president’s resignation, healthcare, and more!



      episode 245: Rapping about Science with Baba Brinkman

      This week we are joined by Baba Brinkman, the first ever peer reviewed science rapper. We talk about his spiritual upbringing, how he started rapping Chaucer, and then moving on to science.



      episode 244: John the Baptist’s religion

      This week learn about the Semitic Gnostic religion centered on John the Baptist and in the news we have the Trump Administration going after trans people, how much Tennessee schools trust God, Idaho only caring about kids before they're born, and more.



      episode 243: They’re watching and listening, should you be afraid?

      This week we are joined by Mikey Pullman and talk about privacy in the online world, state sponsored religious foster care agencies, family values infidelity, how the kids are all right, and more.



      episode 242: News with Emma Arnold

      On this week's episode of the Atheist Nomads we are joined by comedian Emma Arnold and talk about the latest news. There's Italian gay priests getting outed, trans people winning in court, and more.


       2018-03-13  1h15m

      episode 241: The Sun, Moon, and Rod

      We talk about the Unification Church, one of their offshoot's latest activities, an atheist legislative candidate getting attacked for her lack of faith, more thoughts and prayers, and more.


       2018-03-06  47m

      episode 240: The Blessed Semi-automatic Rifles

      It's the state legislative session and there was just a major school shooting, so yeah, there's plenty of news.


       2018-02-27  51m

      episode 239: American Atheists 2018 with David Silverman

      On this week's episode after the news we talk to David Silverman about the upcoming American Atheists National Convention, American Atheists' advocacy work, and the upcoming Atheist Voter program.


       2018-02-20  1h0m

      episode 238: Shepherd’s Rod part 2

      This week we're joined by Mikey Pullman and talk about some local drama, revisit the Shepherd's Rod, and talk about the latest news.


       2018-02-13  1h10m