Atheist Nomads

We host a weekly show out of Boise, ID covering the latest in religious leaders behaving badly, church/state entanglement issues, and other topics of interests to atheists. On occasion we also do interviews with leaders in the atheist, skeptic, and humanist community.

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episode 412: What is baptism?

This week we talk about baptism and in the news have the Senate passing Juneteenth, Florida’s moment of silence, Evangelical QAnon support, Marjory Taylor Green admitting she’s wrong about something, and Hungary’s latest attack in it’s war on...



episode 411: The Law

This week we talk about “The Law” for Dustin' off the Degree and in the news have Vietnam’s new church based COVID outbreak, Marjory Taylor Green’s reason for opposing COVID vaccines, a good pastor, and a bad pastor. Dustin' off the Degree...



episode 410: What is Creationism?

Dustin' off the Degree - Creationism News Feedback Brad R via Patreon mrsbatesmotel via Discord Support This episode is brought to you by: Henry K Danielle M Pat Acks from the SoJo Beatriz A Zoe Darryl G Arthur K Samuel C Erik from Wyoming...



episode 409: What is the Bible

This week we’ve got an extended Dustin' off the Degree about the Bible. In the news it’s just an FFRF win and Southern Baptist decline. Dustin' off the Degree What is scripture even? News Feedback Chris via email Joel via email Melissa via...



episode 408: What is faith?

This week we talk about what faith is, in the news we have British school worship services, secular leaders meeting with the White House, Ontario Canada church shutdown for ignoring COVID, and more on Israel and Palestine issues. Dustin' off the...



Episode 407 - Don't drink cow urine

This week we talk about Bibles at a Georgia school, FFRF’s win in Texas, Mississippi Day of Prayer, Jerusalem, and more. News Feedback Bob via the website SoJo via Patreon Support This episode is brought to you by: Henry K Danielle M...


 2021-05-14  35m

episode 406: That's not a heartbeat

This week we have an announcement about some changes coming to the show, feedback, and the latest news. News Feedback Atom Ogre Boatswain via YouTube Bob via the website Support This episode is brought to you by: Henry K Danielle M Pat...


 2021-05-07  37m

episode 405: Another Schism in the Atheist Movement

This week we talk about Dawkins' tweet and the responses it’s gotten, anti-trans athlete bills, gay flags at embassies, Fallwell’s fall blamed on Satan, Miracle Mineral Solution indictment, and more. News Support This episode is...


 2021-04-29  32m

episode 404: Episode Not Found

This week we talk about diet and the Adventist Health Message. In the news we have evangelical phallic insecurity, MyPillow Guy’s new social media platform, North Dakota and Arkansas trying to get religion in the classroom, black churche  s...


 2021-04-23  43m

episode 403: Doctrine of Salvation

This week we’ve got the Doctrine of Salvation for Dustin' off the Degree and have a FFRF victory, SCOTUS destroying secularism, a Canadian church gets shut down over COVID and more. Dustin' off the Degree - Doctrine of Salvation Models of...


 2021-04-16  40m