Atheist Nomads

We host a weekly show alternating between interviews with leaders in the atheist, skeptic, and humanist community and news. In our news episodes we cover the latest in religious leaders behaving badly, church/state entanglement issues, and other topics of interests to atheists. We also have science and history segments. You can email us at or call us at 1-541-203-0666.



      episode 259: Spinning in Place with Bart Everson

      Bart Everson joins us to talk about his naturalistic holiday system drawing from Neo-Paganism, but before that Erin joins us for for the news. The GOP is taxing churches, Tony Perkin's wants to drive gay rights supporters from the GOP, Northern Ireland will now allow Humanist weddings, Brother Adam has figured out how men can save America.



      episode 258: Depression and Faith

      This week we're joined by Erin Riley. In the news we have Ultra-Orthodox flight delays, polygamy convictions in Canada, Boise stabbing, the 'Brown Invasion', toddlers in court. We also discuss faith and depression.



      episode 257: The Blasphemous Bible

      We are joined by Craig Wells to talk about his new book The Blasphemous Bible and his upbringing in the Adventist church. We also have France cracking down on right wing terror, a priest slaping a baby, Trump's Muslim ban, and our impending doom in the news.



      episode 256: Think of the children

      We are joined by Gary Mitchel and talk about cults, Spain's new prime minster, Ireland's blasphemy referendum, Pence politicizing the SBC, and migrant children being taken from their families.



      episode 255: Messianic Judaism and Pride

      This week we are joined by Mikey Pullman and talk about Messianic Judaism, why Pride is relevant, renewed gay hate, parents claiming Christianity was on trial, Norway's new burqa ban, and more.


       2018-06-14  1h20m

      episode 254: The Salvation Army and pressure on moms

      We talk about The Salvation Army, SCOTUS say's it's okay to discriminate against gays, sometimes, voter suppressing weather control, and pressure on moms.


       2018-06-07  1h24m

      episode 253: Transhumanism

      We talk about the Patron Saint of Doubters and introduce a new discussion segment where we talked about Transhumanism. In the news we have the Arizona draft science standards, migrant children, a lawsuit over Congressional invocations, demonic attacks against Trump, and more.


       2018-05-31  1h4m

      episode 252: Christian Science

      This week learn about Christian science, politicians asking for more than thoughts and prayers, the Embassy move, and more.


       2018-05-24  58m

      episode 251: Episode 251 - The Trouble with God with Chris Matheson

      Chris Matheson is back to talk about his new book "The Trouble with God: A Divine Comedy about Judgment (and Misjudgment)" where we follow God, last seen in "The Story of God" through Islam, Mormonism, and Scientology.


       2018-05-17  1h5m

      episode 250: Freedom, hate, and social media

      This week we are joined by Erin, talk about hate and free speech online, some White House news, George Pell, Scouts BSA, and more.


       2018-05-10  1h15m