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Baby Geniuses is a show for people who know stuff and people who don't know stuff, but would like to. Every week, comedian and super-genius Emily Heller and cartoonist and mastermind Lisa Hanawalt, challenge their guests to share some knowledge on any topic they want.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h11m. Bisher sind 244 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 242: Salmon Chaos

Hello babies! What a week! On today's episode, Emily tracks a package and Lisa spills some soup. On Chunch Chat, the segment about Martha Stewart's pony Ban Chunch, we read some listener submitted business names. On Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for Salmon Chaos, a very recent event where people changed their names to get free sushi. Rob Salmon has a nice ring to it and I have no regrets.



episode 241: List of CB Slang

Hello babies! Thank you for listening to this show, even if you just love falling asleep to the sound of our voices! On today's episode, Emily shares a strange experience with a neighbor, and Lisa has a frightening horse experience. On Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for "List of CB Slang," a great guide if you're an aspiring Alligator Station (look it up)!



episode 240: Loveland Frog

Hello babies! Now that the possibility of a safe Halloween is on the distant horizon, Emily has started planning her couple's costume. She also shares some of her thoughts on the very bad comic Heathcliff. Lisa shares her thoughts on an issue of a magazine. On Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for "Loveland frog," a legendary man-sized frog in Ohio folklore.


 2021-03-29  1h7m

episode 239: Billiken

Hello babies! On today’s episode, Lisa shares about her upcoming surgery, as well as thoughts on Australia’s penis owl. Emily's dog Alan is out of surgery and has a racy new outfit. On Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for Billiken, a charm doll created by an American art teacher and illustrator, who is said to have seen the mysterious figure in a dream. I don't like the way it looks.


 2021-03-15  1h0m

episode 238: Australia's Big Things

Hello babies! Sometimes it feels great to pack up and go for a hike with your feline companion. Sometimes you just want to practice your whip technique. All is fair game in Griffith Park! On today's episode, Lisa shares some stories from the trail, and Emily's dog eats maybe a nut or a stone fruit pit. On Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for "Australia's big things," a loosely related set of large structures, some of which are novelty architecture and some are sculptures...


 2021-03-01  1h16m

episode 237: Nutty Narrows Bridge

Hello babies! It's a big day in Baby Geniuses history. This will be the episode you will all remember as "the one where Emily releases the sauce info." On Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for Nutty Narrows Bridge, a bridge for squirrels and the world's narrowest animal crossing (citation needed).


 2021-02-15  1h2m

episode 236: Computer Rage

Welcome to Baby Geniuses! Or Hello Babies! Or however this usually goes! We start the show off by reading some letters sent in by listeners just like you. We also give a quick update on our hot sauce saga - a listener followed the clues and identified the sauce! On Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for "Computer Rage," and I silently but spiritedly nod in agreement in as Lisa complains about her Macbook's touch bar.


 2021-02-01  1h12m

episode 235: Fascinus

Hello babies!
The last time we recorded was before the Georgia runoff elections, so we have some stuff to talk about. For example, we find out what Joey has been up to. On this episode, Emily considers sending an email about hot sauce. On Chunch Chat, we discuss whether Martha needs to read the room or not. On Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for “Fascinus,” the embodiment of the divine phallus. This one requires an image search.


 2021-01-18  58m

episode 234: Jimmy Carter Rabbit Incident/Puzzle Jug

Hello babies! We're proud to announce that CostnerWatch 2020 is officially over, and there will be no CostnerWatch 2021! On today's episode, we finally get to discuss the Hilaria Baldwin debacle. On a very special double Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia pages "Jimmy Carter Rabbit Incident" as well as "Puzzle Jug." They aren't related at all, we just liked them both!


 2021-01-04  54m

episode 233: Kitty Fisher

Hello babies! Happy holidays to all the babies of the world! On today's episode, we discuss bits that people do at home to the chagrin of their partners. Also, we introduce Joey, our newest host. Let's see how long he lasts! On Wiki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for Kitty Fisher, an 18th century Kardashian type.


 2020-12-21  1h0m