Backstage Talk

Backstage Talk, hosted by Colombian performing artist Martín Acuña, features the voices of those entertainment professionals who are backstage, not under the spotlight. We amplify those who create the shows we love: ensemble and company performers, producers, teachers, writers, stage managers, directors, and more, while also trying to bridge the gap between Colombia’s Musical Theatre Industry and Broadway. Made by someone who lives and breathes Musical Theatre, this podcast untangles what someone needs and what it takes to get to Broadway. Instagram: @backstagetalkpod

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episode 135: Marilyn Caserta ????

She's THE Queen of the Castle: Marilyn Caserta is here with her incredible Broadway debut story!


 January 4, 2024  40m

episode 134: Sebastián Treviño ????????

This incredible Mexican actor shares his story from his home country all the way to New York City! ????


 December 29, 2023  14m

episode 133: Shereen Pimentel ????????

This Afro-Latina queen has made her roar be heard ever since she started performing! ????


 December 21, 2023  26m

episode 132: Mateus Cardoso ????????

Mateus Cardoso is the future Broadway Royalty, MARK OUR WORDS! ????


 December 14, 2023  17m

episode 131: Rebbekah Vega-Romero ????

Tri-racial performer, writer, and producer Rebbekah shares a little about her life in the performing arts world. ????


 December 7, 2023  15m

episode 130: Miguel Gil ????

Miguel Gil, an astounding young performer, is taking Broadway by storm and we are here for it! ????????


 November 30, 2023  24m

episode 129: Maria Bilbao ????

From Miami to Broadway, Maria Bilbao shares how her Latinidad has influenced her most recent work: Johanna in the recent Broadway production of Sweeney Todd. ????


 November 23, 2023  17m

episode 128: Philippe Arroyo ????

To celebrate & Juliet's first year on Broadway, Philippe Arroyo, who plays François in the show, gets candid about how his heritage has played a role in his acting journey...


 November 16, 2023  28m

episode 127: Valeria Ceballos ????

Valeria Ceballos has had great opportunities to showcase her heritage and talent through some iconic Latiné roles, but also on the Dear Evan Hansen Tour! ????


 November 9, 2023  26m

episode 126: Ryan Morales-Green ????

Ryan Morales-Green, actor, activist and founder of the Latiné Musical Theatre Lab joins us to demonstrate the power of community and how important it is for us to find our people. ????


 November 2, 2023  23m