Barrel Proof Soccer

The official podcast of the Louisville Coopers, Louisville City FC's first supporters group.



      Barrel Proof Archives – BP #2

      We interrupt your regularly scheduled Barrel Proof for a BLAST FROM THE PAST which in this case does not feature Brendan Fraser. The crew had to take this Tuesday off so we bring to you Barrel Proof Episode 2 from all the way back in the ancient days of 2013. Share and enjoy!



      Barrel Proof #129: The Run-In

      Tim, Tom, Ken, and Taylor talk about the demolition of Pittsburgh, the run-in toward the end of the season, and shmomotion and shmelemation. LISTEN!



      Barrel Proof #128: PS 240 Introduction to Political Theory

      This week we forget to talk about soccer and instead discuss the placement of various ideologies on the global political spectrum and how one was directly responsible for starting World War II. THEN we remember that LouCity won a match against Charleston, NASL got their pink slips, and USMNT faceplanted over a wild Labor Day weekend plus. Yay!



      Barrel Proof #127: We’re a Boxing Podcast Now

      We actually do talk about Louisville City’s games against Harrisburg, Orlando B, and the upcoming one against Charleston. BUT FIRST, we break down Mayweather/McGregor as though we had any idea what we were watching (we didn’t). Yay! Also, USMNT stuff.



      Barrel Proof #126: Toasty or Gluten Free?

      Hoo boy are there a lot of games to talk about. 1-3 against Bethlehem, tonight against the City Island natives, and Saturday against what we can tentatively call Orlando B. Plus lots of other shenanigans that have to do with bread, celiac, or some other digestive disorder. Enjoy!



      Barrel Proof #125: STREAMBOAT WILLIE

      Something to do with the Cincinnati game I’m sure. Idk, I wasn’t there this week. Enjoy!



      Barrel Proof #124: Sean Totsch!

      Everyone’s favorite North Dakotan joins us this week to talk Charlotte, Cincinnati, USL expansion to Birmingham, and more!



      Barrel Proof #123: Oscar’s no grouch

      The gang’s back together this week to talk about the RB2 win, the upcoming Charlotte match, Gold Cup, and MLS2 teams. Listen up!



      Barrel Proof #122: McFly Girls

      This week, people associated with the Coopers and soccer talk about the Coopers and soccer! St. Louis probably comes up, as does tonight’s Gold Cup final I feel I were to hazard a guess.



      Barrel Proof #100: Butchertown!

      This week, on a very special Barrel Proof: Taylor and Brian are joined by guest host Sean Totsch at the Coopers and Butchertown Neighborhood Association’s rally for the stadium at Copper & Kings Distillery by a cavalcade of stars to talk about James O’Connor, the 2017 season so far, and much, much more. LISTEN IN!