Best of British Unsigned

B.o.B Unsigned is one of the fastest growing music shows in the world. Ranked number 1 on Google for 'Unsigned Music' it 's played across in 16 countries.



      BoB Unsigned - The Final Show!

      We sign off with our final show by celebrating six years of Best of British Unsigned and saying a big thank you to the people who made it all possible!


       2018-01-22  51m

      Best of British Show 305

      BoB SHOW 305: Fancy a world exclusive, a featured pop act, an indie track of the week AND some acoustic classics? Well you're in luck! Visit: PLAYLIST: 1) Divenire - Oragami TWITTER: @divenireuk 2) Omonoko - Empty Streets TWITTER: @omonokomusic 3) The Tailormade - Mr Perfect TWITTER: @The_tailormade 4) Jess and the Bandits - White Lies TWITTER: @JesstheBandits 5) Jack Woodward - Higher TWITTER: @jackwoodwardjw 6) Bear Skin - All Along TWITTER:...


       2018-01-14  51m

      Best of British Show 304

      BoB SHOW 304: We spin three banging pop songs from our featured band from Liverpool and there's an awesome bit of Indie as our Track of the week! VISIT: PLAYLIST: 1) The jjohns - Lucy TWITTER: @Thejjohns 2) Kris Evans - Mine TWITTER: @krisevansmusic 3) 32 TENS - Insane Asylum TWITTER: @32Tens 4) Grace Monroe - Paper Heart TWITTER: @GraceCMusic 5) HICARI - Catch Fire TWITTER: @HICARI_ 6) Jack Woodward - Higher TWITTER: @jackwoodwardjw 7) Chile -...


       2018-01-07  51m

      BoB's Ones to Watch for 2018

      Want to know who to look out for this year? We bring you our annual 'Ones to Watch' list showcasing 14 awesome acts set for a BIG 2018! VISIT: PLAYLIST: 1) Divenire - Arcade TWITTER: @divenireuk 2) Atlas Drive - Can't give it up TWITTER: @AtlasDriveMusic 3) Tom Forest - Summer TWITTER: @tomforestmusic 4) April Jai - Out of my Bed TWITTER: @apriljaimusic 5) The Shakers - White Leather TWITTER: @theshakersss 6) Joe Mirielli X Status Blaq -...


       2017-12-31  51m

      Best of British Show 302

      BoB SHOW 302: We spin a couple more festive songs alongside an awesome indie track of the week and three from a featured act from Devon taking inspiration from the late, great George Michael. VISIT: PLAYLIST: 1) OMYO - Mysterious Girl (Our Music, Your opinion) TWITTER: @omyomusic 2) Tell Me - Fire on the Roof TWITTER: @fireontheroof_ 3) The Shakers - White Leather TWITTER: @theshakersss 4) Sian Richards - Beyond the Wall TWITTER: @Sian_R_Music 5) Ollie...


       2017-12-26  51m

      Best of British Show 301

      BoB SHOW 301: Tis the season and we spin a couple of BoB Christmas classics alongside brand new music including our band of the week bringing some Indie-Americana! Visit: PLAYLIST: 1) Johnny Mensah - Dope TWITTER: @IAmJohnnyMensah 2) Sam Handy - Behave TWITTER: @SamWellHandy 3) Perry Fi - Issues TWITTER: @PerryFi 4) Katy Hurt - Ride Home TWITTER: @ KT_Hurt13 5) Carousel - Dead Horse TWITTER: @carouselbanduk 6) Mauritia - Skin TWITTER: @wearemauritia 7) Tasha...


       2017-12-19  51m

      Best of British Show 300

      BoB SHOW 300: In recognition of our 300th episode we spin some of our favourite tracks from the last six years! VISIT: 1) Loaded Dice - The Witches 2) Divenire - Arcade TWITTER: @divenireuk 3) I.AM.L - Lionheart 4) Richard Navarro - Sober TWITTER: @navarrorichard 5) Daniel Duke - Kiss Me In the Dark TWITTER: @iamdanduke 6) Toodar - Monster 7) Molly - It's You TWITTER: @mollysd 8) Will and the People - Lion in the morning sun TWITTER:...


       2017-12-10  51m

      Best of British Show 299

      BoB SHOW 299 - Fancy some country with a pop twist? Don't miss our featured act! Plus we spin a beautifully acoustic track of the week and a couple of upbeat classics! VISIT: PLAYLIST: 1) The Cairds - All Falls Down TWITTER: @thecairds 2) Amir - All or Nothing TWITTER: @amirofficialuk 3) Chalky Seas - Long Way Gone TWITTER: @chalkyseas 4) Dead Natives - Something Strange TWITTER: @deadnativesband 5) April Jai - Out of my Head TWITTER:...


       2017-12-03  51m

      Best of British Show 298

      BoB SHOW 298: Check out three beautiful tracks from our featured act Bella Mckendree and we spin a couple of rock classics from 2012! VISIT: PLAYLIST: 1) The Temple Keys - Sly 2) L'Asset - Ultra Violet TWITTER: @Lassetmusic 3) Blaylock - The Catch of the Pride TWITTER: @blaylockmusic 4) Firewood Island - Dearest Brother TWITTER: @firewoodisland 5) Bella McKendree - Let's Fall TWITTER: @bellamckendree 6) Russ Poole - None of your business TWITTER:...


       2017-11-30  51m

      Best of British Show 297

      BoB SHOW 297: We have a mini listening party for one of our favourite EPs of 2017, plus there's new music from a former best female nominee! VISIT: PLAYLIST: 1) Skatta - Great Britain TWITTER: @skattacoventry 2) Max Restaino - Sugar Rush TWITTER: @MaxRestaino 3) Charlotte Black - All Over You TWITTER: @charlotteblack 4) Insanity - Hugo Cottu 5) Rylands Heath - Stop the Rain TWITTER: @rylandsheath 6) Tricksta ft Polar Jay - No No No TWITTER:...


       2017-11-20  51m