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The Richest Caveman by Doug Batchelor (MP3)

An incredible life story about how as the son of a millionaire Father and show business mother, he left it all behind to live in a cave to find himself.



A Trumpet, a Shout, an Earthquake & Fire by Doug Batchelor (MP3)

Learn how a remarkable experience in the history of the Israelites parallels events for the 2nd coming of Jesus



Q & A - Part II by Doug Batchelor (MP3)

We've been talking about the sign of second coming since Jesus' time, nothing has changed, what do you think about that? What do you mean by the churches are sleeping? Will pet go to heaven? Why do some Christian keep Saturday instead of Sunday? Is it important to be baptise? 



Mountain of Glory by Doug Batchelor (MP3)

Learn how an amazing story in the New Testament reveals a microcosm of the 2nd coming of Christ.



Open Your Windows by Doug Batchelor (MP3)

Learn how to stand for the truth in the last days by kneeling down.



Q & A - Part 1 by Doug Batchelor (MP3)

Does the temple in Jerusalem need to be rebuilt before Jesus second coming? Will be there be a third world war? What is the mark of the beast? How can I know I’m ready for Christ's second coming?



Even at the Gates by Doug Batchelor (MP3)

Is the second coming of Christ just around the corner? What about the millenium of peace? What are the prominent signs of Jesus' return and how can you be prepared?



Baptism Testimony by Anne & Julie (MP3)

Anne and Julie grow up in a Catholic home and have kept their faith until adulthood. When life trouble comes, Anne started to study the Bible for herself. There she discovers something that will change her and her sister life forever.


 2019-12-04  24m

Revelation Reveals the Secrets of Death by Louis Torres (MP3)

There are many who claim that know what happen after we died. But only one has ever been dead and then resurrected back to life. Shouldn't we be asking this person instead of those that just theorise it?


 2019-09-11  56m

Baptism Testimony by Elaine (MP3)

Elaine father is an atheist and her mother believe in Buddhism. Growing up, her knowledge of god is limited to mythology and legends, and prayer are only to help her getting through tough exams.


 2019-09-11  31m