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      Baptism Testimony by Amanda Zhang (LQ)

      Growing up in a Sunday church, Amanda sort of knew that there is a God. But she never know God personally.  

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       2016-12-31  23m

      新造的人 by Daniel Jiao (LQ)


       2016-12-15  1h10m

      最知心的朋友 by Daniel Jiao (LQ)


       2016-12-15  50m

      Baptism Testimony by Catherine Wang (LQ)

      Scared n vulnerable, Catherine cried out to God for help. Though that was a self-centred & doubtful prayer, God is loving, merciful and faithful to answer!


       2016-12-07  19m

      Baptism Testimony by Skylar Zhao (LQ)

      Coming to Australia, alone & away from family, Skylar was mistreated by classmate. She has no other choice except to keep it to herself. But God has a plan for her!


       2016-12-07  18m

      Baptism Testimony by Jo Fang (LQ)

      Before knowing God, Jo was struggling with depression and other mental illnesses. Then she realises that God is always watching over her and patiently waiting for her to respond to His love.


       2016-11-02  41m

      Baptism Testimony by Phoebe Liu (LQ)

      Phoebe aims high in life. Graduate from top school, top university & work in the top 500 corporate. But God had another plan for her.


       2016-11-02  25m

      Our Most Precious Treasure by Joshua White (LQ)


       2016-07-27  27m

      Doing the Right Job at the Wrong Time by Joshua White (LQ)

      As parents, we all want the best for our children. But can the best of intention be damaging when given at the wrong time?


       2016-07-20  59m

      A Thinking Generation by Joshua White (LQ)

      The urgent need for thinking in the last days – and Satan’s plan to prevent it


       2016-07-10  1h0m